July 26, 2005

New York City Thrashers SUN DESCENDS will enter Don Fury’s Cyclone Sound Studio this Friday, to record their first full-length album "Incinirating The Meek". The album will feature 11 tracks including a re-make of EXUMER’s ‘Fallen Saint’. It will also include guest appearances by Craig "The Reaper" Horval of NUNSLAUGHTER / CRUCIFIED MORTALS and "His Eminence the Wicked" of TERROR OF THE TREES / HEMLOCK. Mem comments: "I have not been this excited about recording an album since the 80s. The energy of the band and the material on this SUNDESCENDS CD will reflect what Thrash Metal stands for!" For further information check out www.sundescends.com or www.myspace.com/sundescends

Dutch Death Metallers ARSEBREED (featuring members from Disavowed, Pyaemia and Mangled) will start recording their debut album this August, at several different studios accross the Netherlands, including Studio Excess (Prostitute Disfigurement, Severe Torture, Sinister). The album, which is tentatively titled "Munching The Rotten", will feature the following tracks: ‘Bluntly Hammered’, ‘Vomit Heaps Of Flesh’, ‘Fistfit Stretched Third Eye’, ‘Munching The Rotten’, ‘Chopped In Excrements’, ‘Vaginal Butchery’, ‘Stabbed In The Arse’, ‘Ripping Chainsaw Orgazm’, ‘Anal Cum’, ‘Bloody Postraumatic Ejaculation’ and ‘Rectal Vomit’. Guitarist Daan had the following to say about the band and the upcoming recordings: "ARSEBREED hints to each and every US-style Death Metal with a bizarre twisted touch. The songs are catchy by times, yet they also consist of illogical technical twists, loops and leads. ARSEBREED is a band not for the lazy listeners or the faint hearted, as we will catch all listeners off guard several times per song. All this is accompanied by furious blastbeats and fast double bass work. The lyrical humour, will be spewed forth over each and every listener by both Robbe and Joel following up on each other rapidly with grunts, belches, screams, and so on. Our intentions, as perfectionists, are to make this album as tight as possible and have a splendid production allover. With the people we are working with and the experience we have we believe this will be no problem to accomplish." "Munching The Rotten" is scheduled for a late September release through Neurotic Records.

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