June 20, 2005

REVIOLENCE from Brazil have finished a video for the song ‘Zero Of Me’. It is available for download at the band’s website www.reviolence.com.br. The videoclip was produced by Cláudio Tibérius, who was already responsible for the videos of TORTURE SQUAD and PANZER.The clip has images of a REVIOLENCE show at the Blackmore Rock Bar in Sao Paulo, Brazil and studio scenes.

A full mp3 track from the upcoming CENTINEX "World Declension" album can now be found at the Centinex website www.centinex.org. The album will be released in Europe on June 27th and in the US on August 23d. The vinyl version of the album – a limited picture LP featuring alternative artwork – will be released by Swedmetal later in the summer. A Centinex / World Below split 7"EP – entitled "Doomed Death Blow" – will be released by UK based Conquer Records. Limited to 500 copies, the EP will feature one track each from both bands latest albums.

Earache Records has posted the new HATE ETERNAL video for the track ‘I, Monarch’ in Quicktime and Real Player formats at this location. The video was directed by Shane Drake (FALLOUT BOY, SNAPCASE, THE AGONY SCENE). Shot in California and Florida, ‘I, Monarch’ was inspired by the work of avant-garde composer Zero Kama (samples of which can be heard on the song).

IMMOLATION are currently on a tour in the U.S. with DEICIDE, which wraps up on June 20th. Bassist / vocalist Ross Dolan has issued the following message, "Tour is going great… really a positive response for the new material and it is going over great. Crowds have been big and strong… can’t wait to hit Europe. Our video for ‘Harnessing Ruin’ is on rotation on MTV and the crowd is going beserk everytime we play the song. We are tight like a machine now and are ready for the fests!!" IMMOLATION are scheduled to play the Graspop festival in Belgium on June 24th and at the Fury Fest festival in France on June 25th.

Earache Records have signed Dutch Death Metal act SEVERE TORTURE to the roster as part of a worldwide deal. The deal will bear immediate fruit in the form of the band’s highly anticipated new album "Fall Of The Despised" scheduled for a September release, followed by a European tour to support the album. SEVERE TORTURE – comprised of Thijs van Laarhoven (guitar), Marvin Vriesde (guitar), Seth van De Loo (drums), Dennis Schreurs (vocals) and Patrick Boleij (bass) – have steadily gained a reputation as one of the current resurgent Death Metal scene’s leading lights. Via the release of previous albums "Feasting On Blood" and "Misanthropic Carnage", the band’s unrelenting brutality and technicality has earned them the respect of fans worldwide. Commenting on the band’s new home, bassist Patrick Boleij had this to say about the new album and the band’s upcoming plans: "SEVERE TORTURE is very proud to sign with Earache Records. Earache has always been a pioneer and a leader in the extreme music scene. Our brand new album "Fall Of The Despised" displays a huge progress in songwriting, technicality and brutality for the band, and contains some killer songs which we can’t wait for to play live on tour."

TANK have issued the following update on the upcoming reissue of their "War Of Attrition" – Live album: "Hi again folks, here’re some more info about TANK live ’81 release… The band will be releasing another vinyl album through Maniacal Records in the next few months. It will be the "War of Attrition" – Live album plus many bonus tracks (live / radio sessions / demos). It will be a double gatefold LP, 250 on white vinyl and 250 on 180 gram vinyl, and many old photos. Limited edition of 500 copies. There will also be an expanded edition CD with 5 bonus tracks. The vinyl will contain 2 tracks that are not available on the CD, and the CD will have one track which is not available on the vinyl version. The bonus tracks will be "radio sessions" from ’82 and also Lochen Pop Holland 1983. There will also be demo versions of 2 other songs ‘The Man Who Never Was’ and ‘Too Tired To Wait For Love’, and then of course the "Filth Hounds" 3 songs demo, or pre-Filth Hounds."

US Black Metallers KULT OV AZAZEL have posted the following update at their website: "June 28th, 2005 will be the day of reckoning!!! Our third diabolic opus, "The World, The Flesh & The Devil" will officially be unleashed upon this filthy planet. Nine songs of heretical profanation recorded and engineered by Shawn Ohtani, mastered by Erik Rutan (HATE ETERNAL, ex-MORBID ANGEL) at Mana Studios in Tampa Florida this slab of unadulterated contempt will prove to be our most blasphemous yet musically diverse out of the six years of our existence. Tour dates for the Hellstorm of Unholy Legions Tour are starting to come in and are posted here. The "Through War Or Suicide" split 10-inch released through Abort the World Records can be found under the merchandise section here. Pressing was delayed on the release due to several pressing plants refusal to print the covers because of what was deemed as offensive album artwork. The Kult Ov Azazel portion includes a demo song from the new album, a SODOM cover and live track of ‘Garden Of Shadows’, all three tracks recorded with the band’s current lineup. We have also submitted a song off the new release to Killzone Records for the compilation "Destroyers From The Western Skies". This will be the best-compiled material covering the North American Black Metal scene to date. Visit www.killzone-records.com for more details. Other releases scheduled for this year are the Kult ov Azazel / VROLOK split "Feast Of Sacrilegious Impurity" enhanced CD for October and the "Oculus Infernum" gatefold LP for a scheduled September release. The audio sample of the song ‘An Eternity With Satan’ from the new album is still available for download here and recent interviews have been posted." "The World, The Flesh & The Devil" is being released by Arctic / Crash Music and was recorded at at Mana Studios in Tampa, FL.

NILE have completed work on the first music video from their new album, "Annihilation Of The Wicked". The video, for the song ‘Sacrifice Unto Sebek’ was shot on location in Atlanta, GA by Director Chad Rullman (MASTODON’s ‘March Of The Fire Ants’, THE AGONY SCENE) for Supercollider Films and features NILE (guitarist / vocalist Karl Sanders, guitarist / vocalist Dallas Toler-Wade and drummer George Kollias) performing inside an eerie Egyptian burial chamber, replete with actual design motifs of ancient Egyptian culture. The video is expected to make its world premiere imminently. NILE’s "Annihilation Of The Wicked" album hit stores on May 24th, shifting over 5,000 units in just its first week of release.

The following announcement has been posted on the official DISSECTION website: "Bassist Brice Leqlercq has all of the sudden decided to part ways with Dissection. This event, although unforeseen, will however NOT have any effect on Dissection’s ongoing victorious onslaught! Last Friday (June 10th) Dissection performed a successful concert as a three-piece at Undead Festival in Hungary, this time with the bass guitar on backing tracks. A replacement will however be tested by the end of the weekend, and as soon as anything is settled it will be announced here."

Roadrunner’s latest signing OPETH have completed their new album "Ghost Reveries". The 65 minute album was mastered in Stockholm, Sweden on June 16th. The complete tracklisting is as follows: ‘Ghost Of Perdition’, ‘The Baying Of The Hounds’, ‘Beneath The Mire’, ‘Atonement’, ‘Reverie / Harlequin Forest’, ‘Hours Of Wealth’, ‘The Grand Conjuration’ and ‘Isolation Years’. The artwork can be viewed here. Roadrunner will issue the record this fall.

NOMINON‘s website (www.nominon.com) reveals that from September 11th – October 1st the band will be on tour in Europe supporting VITAL REMAINS. Dates for the trek will be announced in early July.

Neurotic Records have posted a new e-card for the reissue of VISCERAL BLEEDING‘s debut album, "Remnants Of Deprivation", now going by the name "Remnants Revived". Check it out at this location. The digi-pack CD was re-mastered by Scot Hull (NILE, SUFFOCATION, PIG DESTROYER). It contains the following bonus material: three live videos from Visceral Bleeding’s recent European tour with OBITUARY, three newly recorded studio tracks – a new version of ‘Carved Down To The Bone’ as well as cover versions of ‘Stripped Raped And Strangled’ by CANNIBAL CORPSE and ‘Dreaming In Red’ by DISMEMBER. Additionally, a video of the new version of ‘Carved Down To The Bone’, recorded during the studio session in FlatPig, will be included. In other Visceral Bleeding news, the band have issued the following message: "We are proud to announce that we will support DEICIDE on their full European tour this autumn."

Baltimore-based metallers MISERY INDEX have posted the following message at their official website (www.miseryindex.com): "Hello, just a few words… new pics are up in the photo section (here), more to come as they get developed. Also we have two new songs completed, they are presently untitled, but more on that as it comes. In other news we now all play ESP guitars, so when we get them, we will tell you how much they shred. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer, we are all taking some time off to relax and get back into the home life. Talk soon, see you at a show, or on the front lines of life somewhere. A post-tour pic of MAGRUDERGRIND, ROTTEN SOUND and Misery Index can be viewed here: what a bunch of freaks AYE?!"

Norwegian Black Metallers GORGOROTH have posted the following update via their official website (www.gorgoroth.org): "The recordings of the upcoming album, "Ad Majorem Satanhas Gloriam" progress steadily. Infernus (guitars) and King (OvHell – bass) have been in a studio in Spydeberg (Norway) for the past weeks where they have recorded bass and guitar. They have brought the tapes back to Bergen, Norway and will continue their work in Earshot Studios during this summer." Gorgoroth’s Regain debut should see the light of day this fall.

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