March 15, 2005

After several years of silence RITUAL CARNAGE have finally finished a new album. The record is called "Do Not Resuscitate" and lyrically deals with terrorism and the politics surrounding it. The band recorded all instruments in Hachioji, Japan at Moopies, while the vocals were put down to tape in Jacksonville, Florida at Vision Sound. Here’s the complete tracklist: ‘Imprisoned Secret’, ‘The Perfect Strain’, ‘I, Infidel’, ‘Thrist For Blood’, ‘These Chains’, ‘Do Not Resuscitate’, ‘Axiom’, ‘Straight To The Nether Regions’, ‘Room 101’, ‘All Too Human’, ‘Terror Ends Here’ and ‘I Am War’. "Do Not Resuscitate" will once again be released through Osmose Productions later this year.

Last week Agonia Records got a letter from Quinn Emanuel Trial Lawyers who represent Mel Gibson. Apparently the picture used for the cover artwork for the IN AETERNUM‘s "No Salvation" MCD belonged to the motion picture "The passion of the christ". Therefore Agonia Records and IN AETERNUM are forced to withdraw the "No Salvation" MCD from all stores to avoid being subject of a possible lawsuit. This is the official statement from IN AETERNUM concerning this matter: "IN AETERNUM apologizes for any problems we may have caused by using the picture from the motion picture "The passion of the christ". We did not intend to interfere with any copyright laws and was not aware of the fact that it belonged to that particular motion picture. Appologies to Mel Gibson and Icon Productions."

After having published the news on WAR AMP (the new home of ex-SACRIFICE / INTERZONE guitarist / vocalist Rob Urbinati) last Saturday we asked Rob to reveal a couple more details about this band. Here’s his exclusive answer: "Our singers name is Matt… our style is like the first SABBATH album, Blues based, but really heavy. The songs are very simple, but our writing style is pretty much to let the songs write themselves, just let it flow. We will be doing a rough demo in March. The vocals are heavy, but he can sing as well… and lots of leads!!!! I worship Iommi, so this is fun… we may be doing a cover of MAIDEN’s ‘Prowler’, not sure yet…"

Kurt Struebing, guitarist from NME was killed last week when his car drove off a bridge. You can check out more details about the crash here. Rest in peace!

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