May 17, 2005

DISSECTION mainman Jon Nödtveidt has posted the following message at the band’s website concerning the cancelled appearance at Metalist Festival, Israel, June 22. "I unfortunately have to inform you about the fact that DISSECTION have been cancelled from the Metalist Festival in Israel (a gig which was 100% confirmed), obviously as a result of Mr. Dave Mustaine of MEGADETH (who are headlining the festival) not wanting to play with Satanic bands (according to himself because of his new-found Christian beliefs)! I’m also informed that we are supposed to share the bill with MEGADETH at Fury Fest (France) later in June so I therefore want to say, on the behalf of both DISSECTION and myself; "Mustaine, you dare to put yourself in our way but you don’t dare to meet us? You want to have DISSECTION canceled because you do not dare to face true opponents in faith?! You think this will stop us?! We are Satanists, yes, truly enemies of yours! For we are the antithesis to cowards like you! If you are a man of true belief, meet us in France at Fury Fest and stand up for it! Or will you have us canceled this time too?"

Poland’s Agonia Records are set to issue US Black Metallers SATHANAS‘ "Flesh For The Devil" MCD. The release, which was previously available through Still Dead Productions, will be available through Agonia on May 31st. Samples of tracks from "Flesh For The Devil" can currently be heard at The artwork for "Flesh For The Devil" was created by Chris Moyen. The tracklisting for the mini-CD is as follows: ‘Unholy War’, ‘Invocation’, ‘Possessed By Blasphemy’, ‘Reign Of The Antichrist’, ‘Flesh For The Devil’ and ‘Nocturnal Hell’ (SLAUGHTER cover).

EMPEROR‘s website reports that titles from the band’s catalog will be reissued in May on colored vinyl LPs. Titles to be reissued include: "Emperor", "In The Nightside Eclipse", "Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk", "IX Equilibrium" and "Prometheus – The Discipline Of Fire And Demise".

Germany’s IMMORTAL RITES have finished four songs for their next full length so far. The album’s supposed to be recorded by the end of the year.

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