May 27, 2005

Osmose Productions will be releasing an ABSU anthology double CD / LP in September, 2005. The album, which is entitled "Mythological Occult Metal: 1991 – 2001", was compiled by Equitant and re-mastered by Proscriptor. It will feature a total of 21 tracks (EP-, compilation- and cover – tracks as well as live recordings), material that was never featured on any of ABSU’s five official album releases.

NEGURA BUNGET decided to postpone the release of the new album "OM" for autumn 2005 due to delays with the composition and recording. The album will be initially released by code666 Records in a limited edition with a very special packaging, containing (besides the CD) a full DVD, featuring a brand new clip for a track of the album, live footages from Negura Bunget gigs, a detailed media gallery, interviews, presentation, making-off, and lots of other extras. To compensate the delay with the release of their new album, the band prepared a mini MCD entitled "Inarborat Kosmos", which will also be released by code666 Records at the end of May in a strictly limited edition of 734 copies. You can expect more than 20 minutes of exclusive music recorded and mixed by Negura Bunget at their own studio, as well as a multimedia part. Negura Bunget is furthermore preparing an European Tour right after the release of the OM album. The tour is scheduled for the second part of October, first part of November. They will bring along their whole backline (including the drum set, guitar and bass combos), an opening band for all the dates and coordinate the promotion for the tour with the promotion of the new album. If you are interested in booking a date on the tour, please get in contact with the band at to arrange the details.

Once again, the BANG YOUR HEAD FESTIVAL is going to take place in Balingen, Germany. This year’s motto is called "Best of 10 Years" – so guess what they’re celebrating! There are voting polls where you can vote for the running order and there is still 1 "very special guest" to be confirmed, so be sure to check out the homepage of one of the most relaxed big festivals around regularly:

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