November 07, 2005

Proscriptor and Melechesh will not be working together on recording the upcoming MELECHESH album. This was a mutual decision that had to be taken due to the geographic circumstances and overlapping time schedules. Proscriptor has been a member of Melechesh since 1999 and has recorded two albums with them: "Djinn" and "Sphynx". Both the Melechesh members and Proscriptor had to take this decision; however, this does not affect their comradeship and possibilities for future cooperation. Melechesh founder Ashmedi commented on this as follows: "We have nothing but high regards for Proscriptor. He is one of the very few true artists that I know of, a dear friend and we appreciate his talent. But this cross Atlantic distance was becoming quite impractical and limited the creative inputs of both of us. I feel confident that we will cooperate musically again in one way or another, but it was simply impossible to do so for the upcoming Melechesh album. Should time permit though, Proscriptor may provide guest vocals on the upcoming (4th) Melechesh album. One thing is for sure: he certainly deserves the medal of honor." Osmose Productions / The End Records recently released a double digipak ABSU anthology compilation CD "Mythological Occult Metal 1991-2001". News on the upcoming Melechesh album will follow.,

The following message was posted on the website of Switzerland’s Chainsaw Murder Records. "Kurt Struebing, guitarist for Seattle, Washington’s NME, died in a car accident on Wednesday, March 9. Zurich Chainsaw Massacre Records has been working closely with Kurt to re-release NME’s 1985’s "Unholy Death" album. Plans for this special CD re-release have been on hold until we all have had a chance to absorb Kurt’s death. Our thoughts are with his wife, son, family and all of his friends. He was a unique person who will be sorely missed. RIP, my friend."

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