November 10, 2005

The re-release of MAYHEMIC TRUTH‘s "In Memoriam" CD (originally on Iron Pegasus Records) is finally out through I Hate Records now. It is enhanced with the complete "Promotape 94", previously not released in its entirety on the CD, which results in a total of 14 tracks and a playing time of approximately 64 minutes now. Here’s the complete track list: ‘Intro’, ‘Lady Morgaine’, ‘When Thousand Candles Cry’, ‘Morrigan’, ‘Carrion Of War’, ‘Fire And Ice’, ‘Conspiracy Of The Golden Angels’, ‘Bluot Era Hathu’, ‘Cythraw’, ‘Hymn Of The Crow’, ‘And Only The Flames Remember To Long Forgotten Cries’, ‘God In Ruins (Your Blood Is Like An Ocean)’, ‘Our Gateway Is An Rainbow’ and ‘The Child Of Mayhem’. For all further info go to:

THE GATES OF SLUMBER and FALL OF THE IDOLS have both been signed by Sweden’s I Hate Records. THE GATES OF SLUMBER started out in 1998 as a backlash against the stoner rock trend prevalent at the time and their mixture of SAINT VITUS, PENTAGRAM and prime era CELTIC FROST has either crushed or converted unbelievers ever since. Their second album is due for an early June 2006 release. FALL OF THE IDOLS were founded in the north of Finland in 2000 and have up till now released five demos, one self-titled MCD and were featured on the "Final Chapter’s A Dark World" sampler. Their style could be described as solid Doom Metal with elements of CANDLEMASS and COUNT RAVEN and a certain THE DOORS vibe, due to singer Jyrki’s way of using the late Jim Morrison singing style in certain passages. Expect their album release in the spring of 2006. For more info go to or

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