November 17, 2005

ANGER AS ART, the brain child of Steve Gaines (AbaTtoir, Bloodlust, Pagan War Machine, Dreams of Damnation and Tactics) have been signed by Old School Metal Records. The band’s line up also includes William Rustrum (of Hangar 18 and Raven Mad), Javier Marrufo (New Eden) on bass and Mars Castro (Demolition, Coffin Texts) on drums. This is what Steve has to say of this new partnership: "We are thrilled to announce that we have signed with a label that believes in this music as much as we do. Not just for commercial viability but also with respect for the art (yes, pun intended) that Metal music encompasses. We look forward to getting in the trenches with our family at OSM, and working to make Anger As Art the yardstick by which Thrash Metal can be measured. Maybe even America’s last Thrash Metal band. The future certainly looks promising. We welcome the challenges, and the work ahead. OSM is a relatively new label, staffed by some of the underground Metal Community’s brightest stars. Their knowledge of this music is second to none matched only by their drive to succeed. We are excited to be welcomed into the OSM family, as we welcome OSM into ours." For more information, check out the label’s website at

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