November 29, 2005

MELECHESH have a new drummer. Quoting founding member Ashmedi: "We are very glad to announce the addition of Xul to the Melechesh Djinn union; Xul is a tremendously talented drummer with outstanding technical ability." Melechesh has been working on new material with Xul for the last year, prior to this he performed with the band at various gigs and festivals where he proved his drumming capabilities by offering flawless and exceptional performances. On this XUL commented: "I am honored to finally be part of this cult. Playing with Melechesh is an enriching experience both on a musical and on an ideological level." Finally, Xul is noted for drumming for Thanatos, Abode of the Blessed and with the now disbanded Black Metal act Liar of Golgotha. For more info, check out

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