October 27, 2005

Additionally to the REVENANT CD news, mainman Hank Veggian just informed us about the following: "I have contributed vocal tracks to the forthcoming CD from Dim Mak. I sing on three songs ‘Incident At The Temple Of Leng’, ‘Knives Of Ice’ and ‘The Great Worm Of Hell’ (I recite some of Crowley’s poetry on that last one). It is a brutal record and unlike the previous two in terms of style and sound. The label Willowtip Records will release it. It was an honor to collaborate with them, as the band contains three former members of the legendary Ripping Corpse."

Xtreem Records has just released "The Burning Ground", the long-awaited anthology of classic REVENANT demo recordings and unreleased material. The CD includes a booklet that contains rare photographs of REVENANT and other bands of the NY / NJ Death scene of the late 80s and 90s, an essay by Hank Veggian, as well as rare artwork, flyers, and live photographs. The CD was mixed by REVENANT’s long-time producer Rick Dierdorf (’93 demo, "Overman" MCD), who emerged from retirement just for this release. It was mastered by Colin Davis of Imperial Mastering, who followed up his excellent work on the "Overman" MCD with this longer and more brutal project. The CD track listing is as follows: ‘The Faithless’, ‘Eclipse’, ‘The Burning Ground’, ‘Exalted Being’, ‘Infinite Reality’, ‘Distant Eyes’, ‘Asphyxiated Time’, ‘Degeneration’, ‘Intro / Futures End’, ‘Fear’, ‘Cataleptic Spirits’, ‘Transcending A World Of Shadow’, ‘Tyrannical Nightmare’ and ‘The Unearthly’ (live in Den Bosch, Holland, December 1991). For ordering information check out www.xtreemmusic.com. If you live in the U.S., Canada or Latin America, you can order the CD directly from the band by contacting them through www.revenant.ws. But you better hurry up as they only have a limited supply of copies.

On the 25th of November From Beyond Productions is going to release PENTACLE‘s "Archaic Undead Fury" EP. The format changed from 7" to 10" but it will still contain a A3 – sized poster. 1.000 copies will be printed, with a possible CD release after the vinyl copies are sold out. It’ll feature two songs: ‘A Hellish Descend’, which was the first song PENTACLE wrote after their "Ancient Death" MCD and ‘Blast Them From The Sky’, their most recent song. Both were recorded at Harrow Productions during the "Under the Black Cross" sessions. For more info head to www.pentacle.nl

Ex – MORBID ANGEL, INCUBUS, NOCTURNUS and ACHERON drummer Mike Browning is currentling compiling a compilation CD of his demo recordings with AFTER DEATH, which should be out on MCB Records before the end of the year. For more info check out www.afterdeath666.com

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