April 03, 2006

Florida’s DEICIDE checked in from Morrisound Studios in Tampa, Florida where they are nearing completion on their latest album "The Stench Of Redemption", set for a 6.6.06 release. It is the first album recorded without the Hoffman Brothers. The band was incredibly excited to bring their latest vision to life which may explain their relentless speed in the studio. They have been putting in long hard hours to get everything down on tape and are in the final stages of tracking now. As of Thursday, vocal tracks have been completed in addition to the previously completed rhythm and lead guitar tracks and drums. Vocalist Glen Benton is currently milling over the recorded vocals to see if there are any portions of the recording that he’d like to thicken up or re-track to improve them. Along with that, bass tracks should be finished as well by the time you are reading this. DEICIDE will add the finished touches to the album and then move on to the next stage of mixing as early as this weekend.

Sweden’s CENTINEX have split-up. Here’s the official statement from the band: "We hereby announce that after 16 years in the business the Swedish Death Metal act Centinex call it quits. This might come as a surprise to many of you, especially after releasing such a strong and critcally acclaimed album as "World Declension". However, things came to such a point where the only solution was to call it a day. Without going too deep into all the details I can tell you that there are many reasons (personal, musical etc) for this decision and believe me, everything is well thought out. Hereby we stop all band activities and our farewell show will be the already booked appearance in Eskilstuna, Sweden, on May 13th. We wanna thank and salute each and everyone out there who have supported us in some way during all these years. Of course all the members will go on with Metal, jointly and individually, in various bands and projects. So you will sure hear from us in the near future. Thanx for your attention in Centinex and remember to keep the flame burning!! – Martin Schulman & Centinex, Avesta, Sweden, April 2nd 2006."

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