April 13, 2006

DEMONICAL, the new Swedish Death Metal band featuring three former CENTINEX members, have opened their website at www.demonical.net. Check out the site in order to see the bandlogo. The MySpace address is www.myspace.com/thedemonicalhorde. Here is a statement from the band: "Demonical will return to the roots of Death Metal and give you a sheer dose of darkness and brutality. We are now preparing our first audio assault which will be unleashed upon mankind during the summer. Our website is under construction but might open sooner than you think… Until then, hail the Death Metal victory!!" Demonical can be described as "brutal and dark Death Metal, like the old Swedish bands from the late 80s / early 90s mixed with the Florida and Brazilian scene and on top of that, spiced up with some nordic Black Metal. In other words brutal riffs, heavy downtuned guitars, fast relentless drums and blasphemous vocals. Demonical are currently looking for a vocalist. Serious offers can be sent to Dreamtide Music, the bands management. Email: dreamtidemusic@hotmail.com. The line-up: bass – Martin Schulman (ex-Centinex), guitars – Johan Jansson (ex-Centinex / ex-Dellamorte), drums – Ronnie Bergerståhl (ex-Centinex / ex-Amaran / ex-Julie Laughs Nomore), vocals – tba. Contact: the-demonical-horde@hotmail.com

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