August 28, 2006

Relapse Records will re-release INCANTATION‘s debut full-length "Onward To Golgotha" (originally from 1991) on October 31 (US) / November 6 (rest of the world). Founder and guitarist / vocalist John McEntee comments on the reissue: "I have been looking forward to this reissue for a long time now. I have great respect for my fellow "Onward…" band members Craig (Pillard – guitar / vocals), Jim (Rowe – drums), and Ronnie (Deo – bass) and am very proud of what we created. It’s amazing that true blasphemous Death Metal ended up being so timeless. When the idea of doing the reissue came up I wanted to make sure the other guys that played on the album would be involved with it. The album was truly a group effort and the reissue needed to reflect that. It was a great experience to get together with the other guys and remember all the killer times we had. We put this re-release together to make it special for all the long-time Incantation supporters and something that we feel represented the work we did as a band and time spent as friends." "Onward To Golgotha" was recently named as one of the 20 best Death Metal albums of all time as well as one of the most important records in the genre by Decibel Magazine. The re-issue will include a free DVD with three full live sets from the "Onward…" line-up, expanded artwork, and more. Incantation will release their seventh album "Primordial Domination" on September 5th on Ibex Moon Records. "Primordial Domination" was recorded at Mars Recording Compound with longtime engineer Bill Korecky during the spring with the band’s current line-up of McEntee, drummer Kyle Severn and bassist Joe Lombard.

SADISTIC INTENT are still alive and kicking! The band has been rehearsing with a new guitar player (Ernie Bueno) and already played a couple shows with him (the first one with Deicide and Vital Remains on April 05, 2006 and the second with Testament on July 13, 2006). They have a couple of out of state shows set up in New York (September 16, 2006) and Chicago (September 17, 2006). As far as the recording of "The Second Coming…" is concerned, the band has not been back in the studio for that. Guitarist Rick Cortez just told us the following about it: "We do not have the masters in our possession. Bernie Versailles (studio engineer) moved out of state and he took everything with him. It took a while to get in contact with him and to finally get a copy of the masters back but eventually we got them in a new studio and it turns out they are damaged. Since we’ve been focusing on getting ready for live shows (past and up-coming) with the new guitar player, we have not really made an effort at getting another copy of the masters yet. Bay and I spoke about the bad luck we’ve had with this recording and we’re considering to re-record the album or maybe do another MCD once again. On the positive side, Sadistic Intent is still alive and this delay with the album is not going to stop us!" Rick told us some sad news as well: "I just found out earlier today (technically yesterday) that Jesse Pintado has died. Last week I got a phone call telling me that he was in a coma and today I got a phone call with the news of his death. All I know is that he went to Holland to spend some time with his girlfriend and now he’s gone… I don’t know the details of Jesse’s death yet but I can tell you that he was doing a lot of drinking." Rest in peace, Jesse!

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