August 31, 2006

Progressive Death Metallers AKERCOCKE have dived straight into new territory and filmed the video for the song ‘Intractable’ in an exclusive gentleman’s club in the depths of London’s Soho district. The idea for the video, shot by UK production company Multiplicity was developed from a storyboard drawn up by the band’s drummer David Gray, which can be seen here. Taken from 2005’s "Words That Go Unspoken" release, the video for ‘Intractable’ will feature an explosive performance from Akercocke in a club within the heart of London’s infamous Soho district. Fans can expect to see Akercocke blasting away to the audience, surrounded by the expected x-rated entertainment typical of Soho’s more ‘adult’ locale. ‘Intractable’ is expected to hit screens before the end of September but as ever the first place to see it will be on, stills from this week’s shoot can be seen online here and here.

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