January 07, 2006

Kansas City’s only Death / Thrash Metal band ARES KINGDOM is releasing their new 12" single entitled "Firestorm Redemption" through NWN! Productions in mid-February. It will feature two non-LP bonus tracks: ‘The Undying Fire’ and ‘The Scourge’ (both re-recorded in 2005). Each copy will include a lyric poster. The limited edition "Die Hard" version will be pressed on gold vinyl and include a special issue embroidered logo patch. Their full length CD and LP entitled "Return To Dust" will follow in early March. The gold vinyl LP "Die Hard" version (with a gatefold jacket) will include a special 7" EP featuring the band’s acclaimed 1998 demo, and an embroidered patch. A second single entitled "Failsafe" featuring three non-LP bonus tracks, ‘Vultures In The Sky’ (originally recorded by L.A. thrashers DÉTENTE in 1985), ‘Solis Lacus’ and ‘Imperium’ will appear later in the spring. For more info check out www.ares-kingdom.com

The first release on the newly founded MORNINGSTAR RECORDS label will be the 4th studio album "Genocide" by the Norwegian Death Metal band BLOODTHORN. After years of wanting to start a label focusing on the music itself and not on hype and hunt for profit, MORNINGSTAR RECORDS was established by Keep of Kalessin mainman Arnt O. Grönbech. Arnt comments: "I was totally blown away when I heard the new Bloodthorn album "Genocide" during their mixing-session in Godt Selskap studio, and I simply chose to buy the European rights for this crushing album. This is the album that will give the label a flying start, and prove the labels right to life!" MORNINGSTAR RECORDS will focus on quality not quantity, and with the Head of Business and two producers from Godt Selskap Studio (known for recordings by bands like Necrophagia, Keep of Kalessin, Griffin, Chton, Manifest etc.) on board, this close co-operation with Godt Selskap gives MORNINGSTAR RECORDS an advantage by the possibility to secure a professional recording of their artist. Plastic Head is MORNINGSTAR RECORDS’ world distributor, and will make sure the music can be found in most retail stores, as well as specialist stores, across the globe. For further information check out the label’s website at www.morningstarrec.com.

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