January 16, 2006

Due to the split between Elitist Records and Earache, CARNIVAL IN COAL‘s contract with the British label has been deleted. The French duet just inked a contract with French independant label Equilibre Music (Crack Ov Dawn, Zuul FX, Lycosia, MXD). "People at Equilibre are more motivated by working with us than any people at Earache would have ever been now that Lee Barrett’s gone" says singer Arno Strobl. "I’m glad we made it with Earache for the thrill of it, that’s all. They didn’t give a shit about neither CARNIVAL IN COAL nor any other Elitist band except Ephel Duath and Biomechanical which they kept under contract. I wish all our former label mates to find a new deal with a label that will care about them. We learnt we weren’t part of the label anymore through their website. I noticed our name was in the "Past Artist" bill. Nobody had kept us informed. I assume this is what they call British humour." he adds. Carnival In Coal will be working this year on a fifth album planned early 2007. "Fear Not Carnival In Coal" and "French Cancan" will be reissued through Equilibre Music as a special digipak this Spring. In the meantime, the duet announces his first live appearance ever! They’ll be co-headlining the 5th edition of the Killer Fest (Chaulnes, France) along with Swedish audio terrorists Entombed on the 15th of April, 2006. Carnival In Coal’s live line up for the occasion will feature Frédéric Leclercq (Maladaptive) and El Worm (Wormfood) on guitars and backing vocals, Timmy Zecevic (Wormfood) on keyboards and Alexis Damien (Wormfood) on drums. Other dates to be announced soon.

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