January 28, 2006

Swedens biggest cult act in recent days, NIFELHEIM, have agreed to share a 7" vinyl with Brazil’s legendary VULCANO, to be released via Sweden’s I Hate Records. The pressing will be in a limited edition of 1000 copies, 100 die-hard ones with yet to be determined special features and 900 regular copies. Both bands will be sporting new material for this release. Expect this cult item in the first half of 2006.

German HELLISH CROSSFIRE is the latest signing on I Hate and was formed in early 2002. The band is mainly influenced by German Thrash / Speed Metal in the vein of VIOLENT FORCE, LIVING DEATH, TORMENTOR / KREATOR as well as old SLAYER, POSSESSED, DARK ANGEL, IRON ANGEL, HELLHAMMER / CELTIC FROST, SARCOFAGO, VULCANO etc. After a well received rehearsal tape "Unholy Tyranny", recorded in the winter of 2003, the band entered a proper studio in January 2005 for the recording of what was supposed to become the MLP "Slaves Of The Burning Pentagram". However the release became repeatedly delayed due to unlucky circumstances and nothing happened until I Hate stepped in and offered the band a full length LP deal in the beginning of 2006. Consequently the band will record two additional tracks to be added to the 30 minutes of "Slaves Of The Burning Pentagram". The release is planned for early summer of 2006.

Swedish cult old school Black Metal maniacs EIDOMANTUM will unleash two brand new tracks that show a new side of the band in that they are decidedly more Heavy Metal in their approach than earlier material. Imagine a mixture between MASTERS HAMMER around "The Ritual", ARIA and MERCYFUL FATE. Compared to their earlier NIFELHEIM type material ‘Fear The Master’ and ‘Black Aura’ are supposed to have a more epic sound, while still being just as pitch Black as their latest 2003 demo "Old Blood". The vinyl edition will be limited to 502 copies and is supposed to be out on on March 13.

Finnish true Doomsters FALL OF THE IDOLS are about to finnish the recording of their debut album due out on I Hate in late spring / early summer. The album will consist of some re-recorded songs taken from the bands earlier demos as well as some brand new material exclusive to the album. The artwork will be crafted by none other than Magister Albert of REVEREND BIZARRE. For more info check out www.falloftheidols.com

THE GATES OF SLUMBER will be recording their second album "Suffer No Guilt" at the end of February / early March with the final mixing taking place at the end of March. The recording will be done at the same studio that was used for the "Like A Plague Upon The Land" MCD (out on Hellride Music), Prana Recordings and Multimedia and will be mastered by Steve Austin (TODAY IS THE DAY). Ken Kelly, famous fantasy illustrator / painter that also has cover artworks for giants such as RAINBOW, MANOWAR and KISS on his list is the artist behind the cover artwork. Expect a June release of "Suffer No Guilt". All further info at www.thegatesofslumber.com

CENTURIONS GHOST have published the following statement regarding the follow up to "A Sign Of Things To Come": "Work on the new album is already well underway, 4 songs are completed and in the live set and another 5 or 6 are currently being worked on. So far things are sounding awesome, current song titles include: ‘In Defiance’, ‘The End’, ‘Only The Strong Will Survive’, ‘Walking Through Walls’, ‘Let Sleeping Corpses Die’ and ‘Bedbound In The House Of Doom’." CENTURIONS GHOST will be playing their first gig of the new year on the 8th of February at The Rhythm Factory, Whitechapel, London and are already working on gigs for the coming year. See our tour dates section for further details.

Sweden’s premier vintage Rockers BURNING SAVIOURS are rehearsing new material for a vinyl 7" to be released on Lee Dorrians (CATHEDRAL) Rise Above Records. The songs for the 7" will be recorded on February 7-8. Preparations are also being made for the recording of their second album "Hundus" due for a spring / early summer release on I Hate Records. The new material, which will be recorded during two weeks at end of March / beginning of April, is said to be much more worked through than the debut and supposed not to disappoint any fan of the debut. T-shirts and even girlies with a fresh, new motive displaying the bands new logo and a band photo in two colors on black cloth are also available from the bands own site www.burningsaviours.com

Due to popular demand I Hate and PROTECTOR have decided to re-release the "Echoes From The Past" CD featuring Protector’s classic ’86 two track demo, ’87’s "Misanthropy" MLP and ’88’s "Golem* LP on one CD. The new edition will come in a digipak limited to 666 copies with virtually unchanged layout and exactly the same track list as on the first pressing. www.listen.to/protector

ISOLE has just finished the recording of two new tracks in their own, newly set up, Apocalypse studio. The songs for the vinyl 7" are called ‘The Beyond’ and ‘Beyond The Black II’, and display the two extremes of ISOLE. ‘The Beyond’ is a relatively up-tempo scorcher of a song while ‘Beyond The Black II’ is a really slow piece of mournful Epic Doom. Despite borrowing its title from the debut album track ‘Beyond The Black II’ doesn’t have much in common with its name sake, being much slower and with only some parts recognizable from its name predecessor. ISOLE will be recording their second album in their own studio as well and are currently recording rehearsal versions of album songs. Expect a summer release of this album.

I Hate Records is about to re-release "Viaticum", an 11-track full length by Spain’s Doom Metallers GREAT COVEN, that originally was only released on CD-R in 2004. Musically the material is said to combine "CANDLEMASS / NEMESIS and CELTIC FROST in an unholy union." The band is no more these days, but has been re-incarnated as the sludgy / doomy EIGHT HANDS OF KALI with a new singer. The "Viaticum" track list reads as follows: ‘Born Old And Tired’, ‘Reign Of Thorns’, ‘Satan’s Whore’s’, ‘King Of Winds’, ‘Sabbath’s Witching Hour’, ‘Perpetual Light’, ‘Great Coven’, ‘Funeral Of Souls’, ‘Mourning Of A Newborn’, ‘Viaticum’ and ‘Veil Of Tears’.

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