June 15, 2006

At the end of 2006 DISPLEASED RECORDS will re-release a whole bunch of classic Thrash / Death Metal albums. Each one of them will be remastered and include bonus material, lyrics and a biography. The releases will be printed in limited first editions of 5000 copies, represses will follow sometime later. Here’s the list of goodies that we can look forward to: ATROPHY – "Socialized Hate" and "Violent By Nature" (end of 2006), TOXIK – "World Circus" and "Think This" (Fall 2006), DISINCARNATE – "Dreams Of The Carrion Kind" (Fall 2006), SADUS – "Illusions / Chemical Exposure", "Swallowed In Black" and "Vision Of Misery" (Spring 2007) and GORGUTS – "Considered Dead" and "Erosion Of Sanity" (Spring 2007). We’ll keep you posted!

HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH had to withdraw their Headbangers Open Air confirmation. Peter will try to do the show in 2007. Instead, SHEAVY, Stoner Rock Doomer from Canada are confirmed. www.headbangers-open-air.de

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