June 18, 2006

MANES have signed to Candlelight Records. Two albums are currently in pre-production and the recording of the first of these, "Invention…", will start this summer with an estimated release in early 2007. The band comments via their Myspace blog: "We’ll be collaborating with some external people again on this, both musical, lyrical and visual artists, so that’s keeping the unpredictability-meter dangerously close to the red zone for us as well, which we find very satisfying. Some of the songs has already been given names like ‘Deeprooted’, ‘Every Passenger A Pilot’, ‘Controlled Escalation’ and ‘Dira Necessitas’. We find the new stuff very dark and atmospheric in a close-to-suicidal way, and some of you will probably hate us forever and wish we’d just die after this one. Which we also find very satisfying." Read more at www.myspace.com/manes. The first sign of life from the MANES camp will however come in the form of the demo / pre-prod track ‘Indiscretion First Draft’ featured on the upcoming Candlelight Records compilation "Phoenix Risen" (out 03/07/06). This is a comprehensive double CD compilation featuring the latest tracks from the label’s entire current roster. For more detailed info head to www.manes.info.

P. Emerson Williams, known from his Industrial Black Metal act CHORONZON as well as his Gothic projects VEIL OF THORNS and BEYOND FLESH, has hooked up with the most successful alternate reality game ever: "Chasing The Wish" is a comic book, illustrated by P. Emerson Williams, but its story is literally crossing over into the lives of thousands. As one of the most successful independent alternate reality games ever, "Chasing The Wish" set new standards for realism, creativity, interactivity, and immersion in the just developing genre of online entertainment. The game lasted six months and incorporated three dozen fictional websites, as well as dozens of real world items, interactions and events. Throughout the campaign, over 10,000 people were attracted to and played the game, and "Chasing The Wish" received international press coverage in magazines, newspapers, and television reports. The "Chasing The Wish" comic book will be supported by and fully integrated with the most extensive and interactive online presence ever created for a comic book project, the alternate reality game sequel to "Chasing The Wish", featuring multiple fictional websites, completely interactive and responsive characters, real world events, and items created especially for the game. For more info check out www.chasingthewish.net.

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