March 03, 2006

The artwork for SODOM‘s forthcoming self titled album can be seen at this location. The album is due out in Germany on April 21st 2006, in Europe on April 24th and North America on May 9th. The following press release for the album was recently issued: "It’s been a long wait for the fans, but now SODOM are ready to present their latest recording at last. Every band needs a self-titled album at least once in their career," band mastermind Tom Angelripper points out, adding that the twelve new tracks will contain pure Thrash Metal in its most dynamic incarnation. "We have to apologize to our fans that the album didn’t come out sooner, but the work on our DVD, "Lords Of Depravity Part I", was so time-consuming that things took a little longer than expected." However, the band featuring singer / bass player Tom Angelripper, guitarist Bernemann and drummer Bobby Schottkowski will make the long wait worthwhile for their fan community with an offering that could hardly be more straightforward or determined. "We wanted to prove to the world what we can do, that’s why we decided to roll up our sleeves and pool our strengths." The current SODOM line-up has proved to be the most consistent in the band’s history. "The team Angelripper / Bernemann / Schottkowski will celebrate its anniversary this year: We’ve been together for ten years," explains Tom, who is determined to continue to sail into the wind with his band in an increasingly short-lived world, not deviating from his present course when it comes to SODOM’s lyrics. "I’ve always written about things that go on in the world, the injustice and mistakes that happen everywhere. I know that you can’t change anything politically, but I would at least like to make clear where I stand and raise people’s awareness of those deplorable states of affair." The album was recorded and mixed at the premises of an old friend: Andy Brings. The former SODOM guitarist produced the new album at his Midas Twins studios in Hagen, Germany, together with sound engineer Haan Hartmann, bringing out the best in the musicians. "Andy did a great job and really lured the optimum performance out of me. Our new album proves that you don’t necessarily have to go to an American studio to get a good sound." "Sodom" was mastered by Eroc, drummer with German rock cult band, GROBSCHNITT. Tracklisting: ‘Blood On Your Lips’, ‘Wanted Dead’, ‘Buried In The Justice Ground’, ‘City Of God’, ‘Bibles And Guns’, ‘Axis Of Evil’, ‘Lords Of Depravity’, ‘No Captures’, ‘Lay Down The Law’, ‘Nothing To Regret’, ‘The Enemy Inside’. The bonus track for Japan is ‘Kamikaze Terrorizer’. SODOM are scheduled to tour Eastern Europe as early as April 2006, and Angelripper promises an extensive tour of Germany and Europe this coming autumn: "It’s high time we celebrated a real Thrash Metal party again with our fans." SODOM have updated their website ( with the confirmed dates for their upcoming "Depravity Over East Europe" Tour 2006 with FATAL EMBRACE.

Italy’s HORRID who formed back in ’92 and released various demos, EPs, a mini CD and one album during their career, have inked a deal with Xtreem Music for the release of their second album "Rising From The Hidden Spheres". Recorded in Denmark at Starstruck Studios with Anders Lundemark (KONKHRA) as producer, the album includes 8 songs in the usual tradition of the band since their inception, this is: total swedish Death Metal worship. With a 100% Swedish sound, any lover of bands like early DISMEMBER, CARNAGE, ENTOMBED, GOD MACABRE and the likes, will find on this album a perfect way to go back to the golden days of the original swedish Death Metal scene. "Rising From The Hidden Spheres" includes the following songs: ‘Nothing Lives Forever’, ‘Rising From The Hidden Spheres’, ‘From Here To Eternity’, ‘Come To Me’, ‘Feeling Hate’, ‘Redemption And Lies’, ‘Harmonic Devastation’ and ‘Outro’. The release date is scheduled for March 15th and you can hear an advance mp3 song of the album on the label section of Xtreem Music. For more info about HORRID, please visit:

San Diego’s DEATHEVOKATION have been signed by Xtreem Music. With only one demo out, simply titled "Blood" and recorded during the first months of 2005, this band lead by German Götz Vogelsang has an overwhelming impact on the underground. The demo features three songs in the vein of ancient masters like UNLEASHED, BOLT THROWER, ASPHYX or AUTOPSY and has already been rated 10/10 in Germany’s biggest extreme Metal magazine "Legacy" and is also going to have a very special feature in US’s "Metal Maniacs". It was released the old way, this is on pro-done cassette accompanied by a 3" mini-CD with the same songs on mp3 format, but it has also recently been released on CD-R format for the less old school minded ones that prefer the digital facilities. The band’s debut album is expected to be released by the end of 2006 and they’re currently jamming with their new drummer revamping the demo songs as well as doing new ones with titles like: ‘Infinity Blights The Flesh’, ‘Day Of Shadows’, ‘The Chalice Of Ages’ (the album title) amongst others. For more info on this band check out their website

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