March 20, 2006

ANGER AS ART have entered the studio last week to start recording the follow-up to their self-titled album. "The most important part of recording Metal is starting with great drumming. It is the foundation on which the house stands. Mars came in and worked his ass off and laid down some of the most monstrous Metal tracks ever recorded. Those who have seen him play, or heard his work with Coffin Texts know exactly what to expect. You’ll get that, and more. His footwork and explosive snare drum are right on the money. He was so well prepared that we finished drum tracks ahead of schedule, and started working on Javiers bass. He is about half done as well, and his playing and tones are thunderous. This allows us to predict a release time tentatively in August 2006 on Old School Metal Records. The album ("Callous And Furor") will consist of 13 songs. If you like Thrash, you’ll love this", says Steve Gaines.

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