March 21, 2006

According to the official Hellfest website ( DEICIDE have been dropped from this years festival bill due to circumstances, very much out of their control. It seems that the events organizers got the jitters and bowed to local Government pressure to have Glen Benton’s satanic Death Metal outfit removed from the ironically named HELLFEST after graves were desecrated in Nantes. Here is the official Hellfest statement about DEICIDE: "Because of what went on in Brittany during the last few months and this cemetery profanation, we must cancel the band DEICIDE to be sure not to have any problems regarding the festival. We are looking for a band that can replace them and we’ll keep you informed very quickly." According to Sven Letourneur, joint editor in chief of France’s HARD ROCK magazine: "In fact, I read about it in the news, a few idiots, probably kids, profanated a cemetery near Nantes and wrote ‘When Satan Rules His World’ on one of the tombs… The authorities found that it was a DEICIDE song title, so news went out in the media, etc." Le Telegramme newspaper from February 11th ran with a front-page story "Sur La Piste Des Satanistes" (On the track of the Satanists) having this to say about DEICIDE: "’When Satan Rules His World’ is the exact title of a song from an American Death Metal band, an extreme music style that comes from hard rock, that appeared in the 80s and with lyrics that deal about everything that’s morbid and gore. Name of the band: DEICIDE. Quite explicit…" DEICIDE are currently into the second week of recording sessions at Morrisound Recording, Tampa, Florida with producer Jim Morris for their most blasphemous album ever: "The Stench Of Redemption" which is due for release on 6.6.06 on Earache.

The Swedish Death Metal outfit SPAWN OF POSSESSION recently finished their sophomore album, to be entitled "Noctambulant". Two new mp3s have been revealed on The songs are called ‘Lash By Lash’ and ‘By A Thousand Deaths Fulfilled’. The latter contains a guest contribution by Robbe K (Arsebreed / Disavowed) on vocals. Other guest contributions on "Noctambulant" include guest vocals by Dusty Boisjolie (Severed Savior) as well as a guest guitar solo by Pat O’Brien (Cannibal Corpse). You will also be able to pre-order the album in a special pre-ordering package including a t-shirt, a CD and a poster. The packages are limited to 200 pieces only.

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