March 27, 2006

After a few delays JUMALATION have entered the studio to finally record their debut album on OSM Records. "The drum tracks have been finished and the work on the bass tracks has begun", comments Pete Anthares of Jumalation.

EMPEROR frontman IHSAHN‘s video for the song ‘Invocation’, the opening track from his forthcoming solo album, "The Adversary", is available at his website (in QuickTime format) at this location. The video was shot and produced in Notodden, Norway by a local production company. "I think the video reflects both the direct and solitary expression of the album. It was my intention to keep everything as pure and intense as possible, yet staying true to Metal tradition", Ihsahn comments. Four audio samples from "The Adversary", have been made available in the Media section at Ihsahn’s official website: The tracks are: ‘Called By The Fire’, ‘Citizen’, ‘Astera Ton Proinon’ and ‘Panem Et Circenses’. "The Adversary", to be released cooperatively by Mnemosyne Productions and Candlelight Records worldwide on April 10th, was recorded at Symphonique Studios in Norway. "The music is a continuation of my work within the Metal genre," says Ihsahn in a previous statement. "It incorporates influential elements from all periods / stages of my background since I first picked up the guitar 20 years ago. Powerful, epic, extreme and straight from the heart." All music and lyrics for "The Adversary" have been written and performed by Ihsahn with exception of drums, performed by Asgeir Mickelson (BORKNAGAR, SPIRAL ARCHITECT). "He has been the perfect drummer for this album," notes Ihsahn. "He has really brought to live the patterns I programmed in pre-production." Tracking for "The Adversary" is confirmed as: ‘Invocation’, ‘Called By The Fire’, ‘Citizen’, ‘Homecoming’, ‘Astera Ton Proinon’, ‘Panem Et Circenses’, ‘And He Shall Walk In Empty Places’, ‘Will You Will Love Me Now?’ and ‘The Pain Is Still Mine’.

Swedish Black Metallers RUNEMAGICK have posted the following message at their official website: "Aftermath Music told us that the album ("Invocation Of Magick") still is at the pressing plant. But we hope the release will be now in the near future! Keep checking this site for updates." The artwork for "Invocation Of Magick" has been posted at their website MP3 samples from the album are at this location. "Invocation Of Magick" will include the following tracklisting: ‘Preludium Apocalypsis’, ‘Invocation Of Doom Runes’, ‘Black Magick Sorceress’, ‘Fisher Of Souls’, ‘Lower Worlds’, ‘The Devils’ / ‘Imperium Magnus Infernalis’, ‘Conjuration Of The Black Shape’ and ‘Witchcraft Gateways’.

INFERNÄL MÄJESTY have posted another MP3 demo from their forthcoming album, "Systematical Extermination". Head here to listen to ‘Nation Of Assassins’. spoke to vocalist Brian Langley recently about the album. "So far we have four of the eight songs done", he explained. "We’re thinking about doing two instrumentals… like what was done on "None Shall Defy", like ‘R.I.P.’ and ‘Path Of The Psycho’. We pretty much recorded all of the guitars and then we sent it back to Montreal for J.F. (Dagenais – KATAKLYSM). We’re trying something different this time. We’re demoing the entire album and then we’re going to sit on it for a couple months to listen to it because everybody’s always done it. You listen to it and then when it’s done – and there’s nothing you can do to change it – and then about a month later you go, ‘Oh. Should have done this!’ So this time we’re going to demo the whole album and sit back and listen to it and say, ‘Okay, we should have done this!’ Then we’ll go in and do that and then that will be the album. We’ve recorded seven of the eight (songs) and four of them are in the state that Systematical Extermination is. So they’re pretty much done." "Systematical Extermination" will mark the debut of new vocalist Brian Langley. The album is expected out later this year.

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