March 30, 2006

The new IMPALED NAZARENE album "Pro Patria Finlandia" entered the Finnish charts at number 38.

Drummer Derek Roddy has parted ways with HATE ETERNAL. Unfortunately this departure was at a crucial time for Hate Eternal as the band are scheduled for a well-advertised tour with Chiamaira and Arch Enemy in only a matter of days. In an effort to persevere like he has done so many times, Erik Rutan sought out a replacement to sit behind the kit for the tour. Erik has found that replacement in Kevin Talley. Kevin has played in a number of bands, namely Chimaira and Dying Fetus. Erik Rutan released the following statement regarding this matter: "First off, I want to say that Hate Eternal will not be cancelling any upcoming tour dates, period! We are very much looking forward to seeing everyone next week on the Chimaira / Arch Enemy tour as well as seeing you loyal sick maniacs in Europe who have been so patiently waiting to see us for over a year. At this point we would like to announce that Kevin Talley will be stepping up to the plate and filling in on drums for the upcoming US Chimaira / Arch Enemy tour. Kevin is an amazing talent that we very much look forward to touring with and we want to thank him sincerely for his help in fulfilling our commitment. Regarding Derek Roddy, he has left Hate Eternal with very little warning and I want to set the story straight. We wish to take the high road here so there will be no mud slinging and whining, just facts. Randy and I spoke to Derek this past weekend and he informed us that a situation in his life had arisen which might stop him from doing these tours and force him to leave the band. But if everything turned out ok, he would fulfil his obligation to the band and fulfil our touring commitments. We did not hear from Derek since that conversation and the next thing we know, 48 hours later, I get a phone call from a friend stating about Derek’s press release with him quitting the band in which we had no prior knowledge of, contradicting our conversation 2 days prior. I found out like everyone else did online! Regarding the content of his press release, we Hate Eternal have never stopped or restrained Derek from playing, recording or touring with any other projects (he has recorded multiple albums during the 6 years of Hate Eternal with Council of the Fallen, Aurora Borealis, Nile, plus doing drum clinics, his instructional videos and his new project with Alex Webster). So we found his statement quite a contradiction and shocking to say the least. I still have not spoken to Derek since this and have no idea where his head is at. No one has supported Derek more than Randy and I for the last 6 years and we have made many sacrifices for Derek to be a part of this band. Anyone and everyone in this business knows if you think you are going to make tons of cash playing Metal, than you are in it for the wrong reasons, that is why we have been supportive in Derek making money with his other projects, clinics, dvds, etc. We as a band have had financial setbacks with a van accident and being stranded in Canada forcing us to cancel many shows but every other tour we have done has made financial gain, not a ton of cash, but in the green. What band has not had financial woes? Hate Eternal has helped Derek become a very well known drummer, sell DVD instructional videos, endorsements etc and make tons of fans of Derek’s drumming. After 6 years of playing together we would have hoped that he would leave on better terms than he did, but life goes on. We wish Derek luck in his future endeavours. Nothing will stop Hate Eternal!! Sincerely, Erik Rutan, Hate Eternal."

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