May 17, 2006

The release date of MELECHESH‘s "Emissaries" album had to be postponed. Here’s the official press statement from the band: "By now many are speculating as to why the new Melechesh album is not out yet. The release date was supposed to be sometime in May, but this date is postponed and Osmose Productions now aim to release the album sometime in early fall 2006, most probably September. The reason is attributed to an inadequate mixing of the album which led to an undesirable and a non presentable album sound. We all strongly feel and believe the mix Attie Bauw did was not good at all, hence we and Osmose Productions saw no way other than to delay the release and remix the album. We feel so passionate about this album and we are determined to deliver another landmark Mesopotamian Metal album defining new boundaries for Sumerian thrashing Black Metal. This album recording process was so demanding mentally and psychologically my doctor advised me to visit a psychiatric evaluation centre because I have become very unpredictable to say the least. Nevertheless, such issues occur and we are not the first band to go through this. The good news is the recording itself went good. The mixing duties are now handed to Dennis Koehne, the engineer that was involved in recording this album. As a matter of fact we are re-mixing the album as we speak. So we would like to thank all the hordes of supporters that are fervently awaiting this album… "Emissaries" won’t disappoint you!" – Ashmedi

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