November 02, 2006

Iron Pegasus Records will release a picture disc version of PENTACLE‘s "Under The Black Cross" album. For the very first time, this album will be accompanied by the lyrics. To support the lyrical concept several photos were used for the new layout. Each photo is linked to its specific lyrics, so that you should get an interesting view of this historical battleground. Manuel Tinnemans did the artwork for the cover of the picture disc.

Norwegian Death Metallers BLOOD RED THRONE have been working in Jailhouse studio for the last 2 days on a pre production for the new album due out on Earache early 2007. 70% of the material is written and the band started pre production to test both the studio and the two new members, Anders Haave (drums) and Vald (vocals). 4 songs have been recorded so far and the band is extremely pleased with both the material and the sound. "This time, we aim for a more classic Death Metal sound, a la Gorguts "Considered Dead", Suffocation "Despise The Sun" kind of sound. We have grown tired with the over-produced and fully triggered drum kits that so many bands use today, besides we have taken a slightly new direction with our music and the analog and dynamic sound fits the music better. We have also chosen a different approach to the recording process of the instruments. We are very pleased with the outcome of the 4 songs and can’t wait till the actual album recording starts, hopefully sometime in December". Some working titles of the forthcoming songs: ‘Rebirth In Blood’, ‘Come Death’ and ‘No New Beginning’.

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