November 13, 2006

NYC’S SUN DESCENDS has an all new line-up and a re-scheduled studio date. Singer Mem V. Stein has recruited Kristian Shamash on guitars (replacing Sam Awry), and Steve Proios on drums as permanent members for the band’s up-coming, second full-length album. SUN DESCENDS is scheduled to begin recording their new release for Twilight Distribution (Germany), at the end of March 2007, in NYC. The position for bass is currently filled by session musicians, including Craig "The Reaper" Horval of NUNSLAUGHTER/CRUCIFIED MORTALS, until the band has found a permanent replacement for former bassist Jillian A. LaBoy. Mem V. Stein: "At this point it is clear that this band won’t be stopped from its mission because of personnel changes or any other roadblocks.This is musically the most prolific line-up since SUN DESCENDS’s formation in 2000, and the new material will prove it."

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