September 06, 2006

To honour the passing of the long-term recording artist Jesse Pintado, Earache Records is offering a free downloadable mp3 album. The album entitled "In Memory Of Jesse Pintado" features some of Jesse’s most well-known songs recorded during his time as guitarist for both Napalm Death and Terrorizer. The sad news of Jesse’s death in hospital in Holland on Sunday August 27th 2006 has shocked fans throughout the world, and this album serves as a small tribute to the outstanding music he created during his career. Earache label manager Dan Tobin had the following to say about Jesse’s sudden death: "Jesse was one of the most genuine people I ever met, extremely friendly and easy-going. Its such a tragic waste. I’ll remember him as part of what is my all time favourite Earache record, Terrorizer’s ‘World Downfall’, which is simply a Grindcore masterpiece, and for all his amazing work with Napalm Death that I was honoured to be a small part of. I don’t think Jesse’s passing has been recognised as the huge loss it is – the worlds of extreme music and Grindcore / Death Metal have lost a true pioneer. We owe him a massive debt and for that I’ll always remember the guy fondly." The mp3 album can be downloaded at, the full track listing is as follows: Terrorizer – ‘Ripped To Shreds’, Napalm Death – ‘The World Keeps Turning’, Napalm Death – ‘Throwaway’, Terrorizer – ‘Storm Of Stress’, Napalm Death – ‘Upwards And Uninterested’, Napalm Death – ‘I Abstain’, Terrorizer – ‘Corporation Pull-In’, Napalm Death – ‘Purist Realist’, Napalm Death – ‘Remain Nameless’ and Napalm Death – ‘Inner Incineration’.

The track ‘Race For The War’ from the upcoming ANGER AS ART album "Callous And Furor" has been posted at this location. The album is scheduled to be released at the end of the month via OSM Records.

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