September 13, 2006

THROWN, the Swedish band featuring Pete Flesh (FLESH, ex-DECEIVER, ex-MAZE OF TORMENT) on vocals, guitars and drums, and Crille Lundin (ex-DECEIVER, ex-XENOFANES) on bass, has finished recording its debut album, "The Suicidal Kings Occult", at the Abyss studio with producer Tommy Tägtgren. The CD, which was recorded between August 30 and September 3, will feature the following tracks: ‘I Am all Dead’, ‘The Suicidal Kings Occult’, ‘Going Down’, ‘The Cure To Salvation’, ‘Silent Chorus’, ’10 Years Of Nothing’, ‘Once More I Lose All In The Mist’ and ‘Jack The Tripper’. The track ‘The Suicidal Kings Occult’ can be heard on the band’s MySpace page: THROWN is currently in talks with various labels about getting the album released in early 2007. Also they will start looking around for live session members as THROWN for sure will be a live band. To read the statement why DECEIVER broke up see this link:

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