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December 22, 2006

BURDEN OF GRIEF will release their fourth album "Death End Road" on March 30, 2007 via Remedy Records. Soundsamples can be found at www.myspace.com/BurdenOfGrief1.

December 20, 2006

SHINING will headline the big stage at Diezel, February 03, 2007 in Halmstad (close to Gothenburg, Malmoe, Kastrup), for the celebration of their new album "V Halmstad". The gig will consist of songs from the whole SHINING era and will be the first appearance with new frontman Ghoul. DHG (Dødheimsgard), the Norweigan cult Black Metal band, will be playing as the support act. The last time DHG stood on stage was 7 years ago, when they joined Dimmu Borgir on tour. A third band will be added. The SHINING gig will be shot professionally for a forthcoming DVD entitled "Fy Fan För Livet!", which will consist of, besides the gig, a 2 hour long tour roadmovie and the promo video for the new song ‘Låt Oss Ta Allt Från Varandra’. You can pre-order your tickets from jarlestal@halmstad.net. Price: 180 SEK / 20 €.

December 13, 2006

The brazilian Death Metal band IMPETUOUS RAGE is currently in studio recording their first full-length album "Inverted Redemption" for a 2007 release through the Brazilian label Genocide Productions.

Germany’s SPEARHEAD (ex-FEARER) will enter Audio Tech Studio in January 2007, to record their first, as of yet untitled full length album. It will contain 9 brandnew tracks in the vein of old Bolt Thrower.

This DEATHEVOKATION video-link should speak for itself…

December 10, 2006

Dental Records out of Sweden have signed brutal Death Metallers INSISION. The band’s new full length "Ikon" will be released in March / April next year. The final touches on the album are currently being made along with preparations for a video in support of the release. The CD was recorded at Black Lounge studios (SCAR SYMMETRY, CENTINEX) in Avesta, Sweden. Mick Usher, who also worked on INSISION’s last album, "Revealed & Worshipped", has designed the cover. For more info check out www.dentalrecords.se or the band’s official website www.insision.com.

December 08, 2006

Ibex Moon Records, the label created by Incantation’s mastermind John McEntee, has signed their second South American band in Chile’s THORNAFIRE. The release of their debut full length "Exacerbated Gnostic Manifestation" is scheduled for March 2007. THORNAFIRE released the mini album "Mortus Tenebræ Surrectus" in 2001 and the band is now giving it away for free download in its entire at this location. It also includes two advance tracks from their forthcoming album. For further information visit the band’s official website www.thornafire.cl

December 07, 2006

Blabbermouth.net just published the following news: Sam Kress, the original vocalist of acclaimed San Francisco Bay Area Thrashers HEATHEN and former co-editor of early ’80s underground fanzine Whiplash, passed away several days ago. The cause of his death has not been released. In a recent posting on his blog, Whiplash co-founder Brian Lew had the following to say about Sam Kress: "Sam and I created a Metal ‘zine called Whiplash. Basically, Sam was more the business guy and I was more the creative guy and we worked well together… We also spent a lot of time hanging out with other metalhead friends… Listening to Metal, drinking, being young and stupid. I can’t even guess how many times I crashed on his couch. While in New York, Sam had befriended a guy starting a record label called Torrid. Long story short, Sam helped broker the release of EXODUS’ seminal debut album "Bonded By Blood" on the Torrid / Combat Records label in 1985. I’ve always considered "Bonded By Blood" to be THE defining album of the Bay Area old Metal scene. No disrespect to METALLICA’s "Kill ‘Em All", but METALLICA’s songs were primarily written before the band relocated from SoCal to S.F.; EXODUS were 100% Bay Area born and bred. East Bay OG. EXODUS raged the hardest and Sam and I were right there with them. Sam and I are thanked side-by-side in the liner notes of several old Metal albums, including METALLICA’s "Ride The Lightning" and EXODUS’ "Bonded By Blood". We were Metal bruthas and back then that meant A LOT."

December 06, 2006

DEICIDE will be heading to Australia and New Zealand for a headlining tour in full support of "The Stench Of Redemption". The band is also gearing up to release their second live DVD, "Doomsday In LA" featuring the current line-up, including Ralph Santolla (ex – Death / Iced Earth) and Jack Owen (ex – Cannibal Corpse). "Doomsday In LA" was filmed at the Knitting Factory in Los Angeles, California and features both new and old DEICIDE compositions. The DVD is scheduled for a February 2007 release. DEICIDE are also slated to hit the UK and Europe in early January of 2007.

HALLOWS EVE will be releasing a DVD from their recent Halloween show. The gig was professionally shot with five cameras and also features "the full size whipping" that bassplayer Tommy Stewart got from a dominatrix onstage while singing ‘Soldier’. The band will furthermore be doing three last shows in Alabama, San Francisco and L.A. before they start working on a new album. This time they will try to stick to the original HALLOWS EVE sound as much as possible and even tried to get original vocalist Stacy Anderson back into the line-up, but unfortunately he still won’t be willing to rehearse or tour. Stacy is currently in a ROB ZOMBIE kind of band together with Doyle Bright (formerly of Rigor Mortis), called 2 Prong Crown. They are even doing a HALLOWS EVE tune entitled ‘Lethal Tendencies 2006’. Talking of original HALLOWS EVE members: Ronnie Appoldt, who used to be with the band in their early days, is still alive and well (so all rumors about him being killed in a car crash were false!). He’s currently playing bass in a band called RUKUS out of Templeton, California!

December 04, 2006

Sweden’s DEMONICAL have signed a worldwide multialbum deal with Germany’s Cyclone Empire. The first album "Servants Of The Unlight" will be recorded in January and February at both Black Lounge and Necromorbus Studios for a April 2007 release. Most likely the disc will be licensed to other labels in some parts of the world, e.g in North- & South America. Tracklisting, cover artwork etc to be revealed soon. Ludde Engellau from Swedish Grinders Remasculate has joined DEMONICAL as the new fulltime vocalist. The band’s complete line-up reads like this now: Ludde Engellau – vocals (Remasculate), Johan Jansson – guitars (ex-Centinex, Regurgitate, ex-Dellamorte, Interment), Martin Schulman – bass (ex-Centinex) and Ronnie Bergerståhl – drums (ex-Centinex, Grave, ex-Amaran, World Below). DEMONICAL will tour Europe in April – May as support for Deranged and Master and in July as support for US-cultact Nunslaughter. The dates will be announced soon. For all further info check out www.demonical.net

December 03, 2006

Denmark’s EXMORTEM have posted another new song at their myspace domain. You can check out ‘Salvation’ here. "This is a fast one to show you the diversity in the new material", says guitarist Martin Thim, "still just a pre-production thing, made in the rehearsal. Rough, raw and unpleasantly extreme!!"