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February 24, 2006

NYC Thrashers SUN DESCENDS are confirmed to support Impaled Nazarene and Master as part of SUN DESCENDS’s "European Incineration Tour 06". The package will include SUN DESCENDS starting May 31st through June 11th. The band’s first European appearance will be on May 13th, in Germany on a Festival along w/ label mates, Master. SUN DESCENDS will also release a limited edition DVD in the near future that will only be available on the band’s website and at shows. For more info and tour details visit www.sundescends.com

February 22, 2006

Brazil’s HEADHUNTER D.C. have finally entered Casa das Máquinas Studio in Salvador to record their long awaited fourth full length album, which will be entitled "God’s Spreading Cancer…". All the instruments are already recorded, so now the mixing and then the mastering process begins. After the definitive dismissal of drummer Daniel Brandão, the band counted on the support from Thiago Nogueira (www.thiagonogueira.com.br), former Headhunter D.C. drummer (and currently in Ungodly), who recorded all the drums and also took care of the album’s production. Headhunter D.C., who are about to commemorate its 19th anniversary (in May), are looking for a licensing deal in Europe and the US will audition a new drummer as soon as the album is finished. A tour around Brazil and some concerts in other South American countries like Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Peru and Bolivia are also planned for this year. According to frontman Sérgio Baloff, "God’s Spreading Cancer…" is going to be their best effort to date, due to the intensity, brutality and unholy atmosphere created by the songs, among them such titles as ‘God Is Dead’, ‘Stillborn Messiah’, ‘Black Miracle’, ‘Inner Demons Rise!’ and ‘Long Live The Death Cult’. Some of these songs are planned to be available for download soon on their upcoming new official website. Also watch out for the Necrovore tribute on Dutch From Beyond Productions on which the band contributes a bestial version of ‘Slaughtered Remains’, as well as the split 10" EP with their countrymates of Sanctifier on Legion of Death Rekordz from France entitled "…In Deathmetallic Brotherhood" on which they will appear with a brandnew track called ‘Hymn To Babylon’ (a cover of Sanctifier’s ‘The Cycle Of The Entity’) and a live version of the band’s classic ‘Forgotten Existence’ (from their second album "Punishment At Dawn", from ’93) recorded at the ForCaos Fest in 2004. As the band members themselves use to say, "more unholy death is on the way…". In time: check out the recent re-issue of band’s third album "…And The Sky Turns To Black…(The Dark Age Has Come)" (originally from 2000) on Brazilian Dying Music, featuring nothing more than 5 bonus tracks (among them their cover of Possessed’s classic ‘Twisted Minds’), extra slipcase cover, an article written by the infamous Karnage and unpublished photos. Contacts: puredeathcult@hotmail.com or headhunterdc87@gmail.com.

February 19, 2006

"Victim Of Yourself", the new album of Brazil’s Thrash Metal act AGRESSOR will be released in early March. The tracklist reads like this: ‘Toxicomanic’, ‘Old Man’, ‘P-36’, ‘Onde Está A Coragem?’, ‘Sacred Words’, ‘Manipulation Of Masses’, ‘Eyes To The World’, ‘Mercenary Politician’, ‘Dr. Death’ and ‘Puppets Of Society’. The band was formed in the beginning of the 80s and had released two demos back then, "Destruição Metálica" (1986) and "Kill Or Die" (1988). In 2001 the Brazilian label Dies Irae released "Kill Or Die" on vinyl. For more info go to www.agressor.com.br.

February 17, 2006

Tonight the release party for BLOODTHORN‘s new album "Genocide" will be streamed live on the internet as a multi-camera production. The live-streaming will start at 22:00 Norway CET (London: 21:00 / New York: 16:00) via GIGS.NO. The support act GOAT THE HEAD will enter the stage at 22:30 CET, BLOODTHORN around 23:30 CET. Before the gigs start at there will be a special Trondheim scene report, featuring chats with Trondheim bands like Thorns, Lumsk, Griffin, Manifest, Wåttamezz and others. There will also be a short studio-report from the Keep of Kalessin "Armada" recordings at Godt Selskap Studio. In between the bands there will be live-interviews with both BLOODTHORN and GOAT THE HEAD hosted by Patrizia Mazzuoccolo (Tinitus NRK P3).

February 16, 2006

The two CENTINEX videos ‘Synthetic Sin Zero’ and ‘Arrival Of The Spectrum Obscure’ are now up at the You Tube website. This means that you don’t have to download them in order to view, just click here and enjoy.

"At Least We Will Die Together", the debut album by Norway’s ALLFADER, will finally be released this spring through Osmose Productions. The album was recorded in Hansen Studios in Ribe, Denmark in June 2005. You can listen to the opening track ‘We Will Go’ at www.allfader.com/wewillgo.mp3

February 15, 2006

DEICIDE have declared 6.6.06 as the release date for their upcoming album "The Stench Of Redemption". The album is currently in the preliminary stages as the band is gearing up to enter the studios with Jim Morris of Morrisound. They have demoed 10 songs which Glen Benton is locked away with, preparing his signature twisted lyrics to coincide with the brutally heavy tracks. Benton has reported that this is one of the best Death Metal albums in years. Initially, he said that the album had Earache head Digby Pearson banging his head and jumping up and down like a young Metalhead. Following the release of "The Stench Of Redemption" a full European tour is planned.

ANATA bassist Henrik Drake checks in to update us about the Swedish outfits upcoming new offering "The Conductor’s Departure" as well as their confirmed appearance at this year’s Maryland Deathfest. Here’s some news from ANATA at the moment: "We are rehearsing some new songs for an upcoming album, the writing process is going really well and inspiring and the songs are fast, brutal, complex, mixed with more melodic parts. We are also currently working on getting a cover artwork for our forthcoming new album "The Conductor’s Departure", based on the theme of the lyrics. We are really looking forward to the Maryland Deathfest gig. We will play songs from all of our full-length albums (including new tracks from "The Conductor’s Departure"). We are also rehearsing a live-set for upcoming gigs and tours which we are looking into to tie in with the new albums release. Once we have more news we will let you know!" The Maryland Deathfest is about to take place May 27 – 28, 2006 at the Sonar in Baltimore, USA.

NEURAXIS is now on tour in the US along with Strong Intention and Kill The Client. The band will be posting tour diary entries as much as possible to let everyone know how things are going. Feel free to leave them a blog message if you were at one of the shows: myspace.com/neuraxis.

An edit of the track ‘Finland’ from the upcoming CULT OF LUNA album, "Somewhere Along The Highway", has been posted online on the Earache Records MySpace page, www.myspace.com/earacherecords. "Somewhere Along The Highway" is scheduled for an April 24 release.

February 13, 2006

The CHTON track ‘Scavenger Of A Dead World’ can now be checked out at the band’s official Myspace-profile: www.myspace.com/chton. This track is one of three brand new songs on their new promo "Death Awaits" recorded at Godt Selskap Studio (Bloodthorn, Necrophagia, Keep of Kalessin etc.). This is the first recording featuring newly recruited CHTON drummer Vegar ‘Vyl’ Larsen (Keep of Kalessin). "Death Awaits" will not be for sale (only as a promo for labels), but one of the tracks will be used for an upcoming split 7" with fellow Trondheim Death Metallers BLOODTHORN. The other two will be re-recorded for the follow-up to "Chtonian Lifecode", the 2004 CHTON debut on Retribute Records. The band is currently without a label, but almost a full album of material is ready and they hope to release their 2nd album in the third quarter of 2006. "Death Awaits" tracklist: ‘Scavenger Of A Dead World’, ‘Contagion (The Disease)’ and ‘Dobermanifesto’. CHTON has also launched a brand new website. The band comments that "We’ll update the news here more often now, and we’ll slowly fill out some blanks we haven’t done yet (like more pictures, more info on previous gigs, more interviews etc.)! We’ve got some new downloads for y’all to check out, and we’re also working on another clip of drunken disorder and Death Metal dicipline from the recording of the Death Awaits promo." Two new video downloads are available: ‘Unholy Communion’: Music taken from "Chtonian Lifecode". The video is edited from footage shot when CHTON opened for Mayhem at Studentersamfundet in Trondheim on January 15, 2005. ‘Xhaos Xultus Xhton’: On- and offstage bootleg-footage of CHTON mischief. Shot by people in and around CHTON, some more drunk than others. For full bio, discography and other info, go to www.chton.com

February 10, 2006

SEVERE TORTURE are confirmed for this year’s "Maryland Deathfest". Set to take place May 27-28, 2006 at the Sonar in Baltimore, USA. Other already announced acts include Dismember, Vital Remains and Pungent Stench. A little closer to home and more imminent SEVERE TORTURE will join KRISIUN for the lowlands lap of the Brazilian outfits upcoming European expedition.

DEICIDE will begin recording new album "The Stench Of Redemption" at Morrisound Studios with Jim Morris in March. The record will be the first DEICIDE album to feature new guitarists Jack Owen (formerly of Cannibal Corpse) and Ralph Santolla (ex – Death / Iced Earth) who have been touring in the band since the departure of the brothers Hoffman in 2005. DEICIDE have now been confirmed to headline this year’s "Arizona Metal Devastation Fest" that takes place on April 7th and 8th at Bulldogs located in Glendale, Arizona. The band is currently scheduled to headline on Saturday April 8th. The Festival billing is still in the works and not yet finalized. Already confirmed in addition to DEICIDE are: Waco Jesus, Meatshits, Engorged, Splatterhouse, Fecal Corpse, Bung, Golers, Burn Victim, He Who Binds Himself, Job For a Cowboy, Black Hell, Shattered, XXX Maniak, Gorgasm, Vital Remains, Nausea, ETTS, Inducing Terror, Saphead, Crematorium, Mercitron and Sanity in Death. Tickets will be limited to 400 for the event. For more information please see the festival’s official website at: www.azmdfest.com

Currently on the final lap of a month long US tour, Poland’s DECAPITATED have just been confirmed to appear at this year’s "Fuck The Commerce" festival. "Fuck The Commerce" takes place between May 25-27 2006 at MZA (Mehrzweckhalle) in Luckau, Germany. DECAPITATED will play on May 26th. Already confirmed are Vital Remains, Prostitute Disfigurement, Driller Killer, Extreme Noise Terror, among many others, with more to be announced soon. For more information go to: www.fuck-the-commerce.com. DECAPITATED’s new album "Organic Hallucinosis" is released on both CD and Dual Disc formats on Earache on February 13th 2006.

February 09, 2006

On January 28 French Death Metallers BLOODY SIGN have entered Dissonant Studio (www.dissonantstudio.com) in Aoste / Italy with Luca Minieri (Illogicist) to record their next album "Explosion Of Elements". The album will feature 9 tracks and is about to be released via Ibex Moon Records (www.ibexmoonrecords.com) again later this year. The band is still looking for an exclusive European license. BLOODY SIGN is furthermore working on a spring tour with ESTUARY (www.tidesofestuary.com) which will cross France, Spain and Portugal (they will appear at the "Steel Warriors Festival" in Barroselas) at the end of April, beginning of May. They have also been invited to play the "Central Illinois Death Fest" in July 2006, so they’re now trying to organize a tour in the US as well. People that are interested to book the band are advised to get in touch with them through www.bloodysign.fr.st. Later this year a 7" EP with exclusive material will be released on the Swedish label Blood Harvest (www.bloodharvest.se).

February 08, 2006

Original HIRAX drummer John Tabares has rejoined the band alongside Lance Harrison on lead guitars. The band is in preproduction, writing songs for the upcoming new EP "Assassins Of War". To view the new HIRAX album cover and more information, go to www.hirax.org

February 07, 2006

Chicago’s USURPER have just been confirmed to appear at this year’s Inferno Metal Festival in Norway. Taking place, as always, in Oslo between the 13th ­ 15th April 2006 at the Rockefeller Music Hall, USURPER join a list of heavyweights already announced including EMPEROR, CATHEDRAL, MARDUK, BOLT THROWER, DISMEMBER, CARPATHIAN FOREST and WITCHCRAFT. USURPER’s Jon Necromancer is already fired up: "Obviously, USURPER is incredibly psyched at the opportunity to play in Europe again, especially at a fest as killer as Inferno. The line-up looks incredible this year, and we are bringing a 75 minute set packed with new songs, as well as some "oldies" going back to the demo era that we haven’t played live in over 10 years! Scandinavia has always been supportive of us, especially in the early years, and we intend to do our best to repay the favor!" The whole event is now virtually sold out, although a few day tickets are still available. For info go to: www.infernofestival.net

February 03, 2006

CULT OF LUNA have completed work on their latest album entitled "Somewhere Along The Highway". Slated for an April 24th release date via Earache Records, the initial tracking took place over 7 days in a wooden octagon barn surrounded by "Blair Witch" scenery close to the bands hometown of Umeå in Northern Sweden. According to Magnus Lindberg the remote location coupled with the spotting of "Wicca witch women dancing in the woods" and the actual acoustics of the barn itself all contributed towards creating the perfect ambiance to lay down the basic tracks which were done primarily live, as a unit – a departure from previous Cult of Luna recording protocol. Further recording and mixing happened in Tonteknik studios where both the band’s 2004 album "Salvation" and its predecessor "The Beyond" (2003) were recorded. And the result promises to more raw and unpolished then the bands previous releases. "Somewhere Along The Highway" contains 7 tracks, namely: ‘Marching To The Heartbeats’, ‘Finland’, ‘Back To Chapel Town’, ‘And With Her Came The Birds’, ‘Thirtyfour’, ‘Dim’ and ‘Dark City, Dead Man’.

Siamese blasphemous warriors SURRENDER OF DIVINITY completed their recordings for the upcoming "Manifest Blasphemy: The Abortion Of The Immaculate Conception" album as well as the tracks for the split 7" with MORBOSIDAD. Both releases out this year through From Beyond Productions. Both CD and LP will have different and exclusive artwork. SURRENDER OF DIVINITY will perform live in Bangkok with cult veterans MAYHEM, on January 29th. Click here to see the flyer.

Isolationist misanthropic raw Black Metal act STRIBORG signed with Displeased. Expect their new effort "Embittered Darkness" this year.

MANEGARM has just recorded a new mini album. They are currently mixing it. Expect the release before this Summer. Manegarm will do a mini tour through Europe from the March 2nd to 11th together with SKYFORGER (LV) and GODDESS OF DESIRE (NL).

GOATSEMEN finished writing half of the upcoming full length. In the meanwhile they are preparing for local gigs and live activities with side projects, such as a mini tour of SARAM with the mighty VULCANO.

February 02, 2006

LUNAR AURORA underwent some line-up changes lately. Whyrhd is no longer an active musical member of the band for he will focus on his Cold Dimensions label exclusively from now on. There was no bad blood or anything like that that lead to the split, so LUNAR AURORA will continue to be released through his company. The actual line-up is: Aran (guitars, voice), Sindar (bass, voice), Malphas (drums), Akhorahil (keyboards) and Skoarth (guitars).

Former Earache recording artists MORBID ANGEL have announced the "Masters of Chaos Tour 2006" which will span much of the major U.S. cities starting this coming April. Supporting MORBID ANGEL on this tour are Behemoth, Krisiun and Despised Icon. The band toured throughout Latin America two times to popular demand in 2005 along with Europe and it seems like it’s the U.S.’s turn now. Earache Records is now set to release a Dual Disc version of MORBID ANGEL’s masterpiece album "Altars Of Madness" on March 13th, 2006. The classic album will now contain a DVD side which will feature a legendary live concert of MORBID ANGEL in 1989 at Rock City in Nottingham. The video was shot during the bands first European appearance as part of the Grindcrusher tour.

Razorback Records have secured the official rights to re-release two albums from IMPETIGO. Starting this summer, Razorback Records will be bringing you these all-time cult classic albums with exclusive live bonus tracks, liner notes from the band members, every single piece of artwork related to each release (art from vocalist Stevo, Chas Balun, etc.) and each album will finally be remastered. The "Ultimo Mondo Cannibale" CD will finally be released with the originally banned cover artwork that was only ever seen on the "Giallo" picture disc release. This art was always meant to be the true cover for "Ultimo Mondo Cannibale" but the printers that Wild Rags Records used in the early 90s refused to print it due to the graphic nature. It will also include the classic "Faceless" EP and all of the various artwork related to it inside the booklet. "Faceless" will also be remastered. The "Horror Of The Zombies" CD will include live bonus tracks from the legendary Rhode Island Death Fest and will also feature cover art by Stevo that was originally only seen on the picture disc version and a t-shirt from the early 90s.