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March 31, 2006

MASS PSYCHOSIS‘ Doug Grandon just sent us the following little note and considering its value we figured we should share it with you: "I had some weird shit happen to Tom and I in January. We were signed to MTV, VH1 and Viacom to do music for their TV shows world wide! A friend liked our new material we were writing and asked for a CD of it without vocals so I gave it to him and didn’t think anything of it. Six months later I get a call from MTV saying they want to use our music! So we hooked up with them and they are somewhat demanding with wanting songs, so I’ve been keeping them happy and working on the MASS PSYCHOSIS stuff too!! I am also producing our new materal in my studio and I am always making things better for us."

KEEP OF KALESSIN‘s new album "Armada" will be released on April 3rd (Norway) / April 24th (Europe) / May 13th (America). The tracklist reads as follows: ‘Surface’, ‘Crown Of The Kings’, ‘The Black Uncharted’, ‘Vengeance Rising’, ‘Many Are We’, ‘Winged Watcher’, ‘Into The Fire’, ‘Deluge’, ‘The Wealth Of Darkness’ and ‘Armada’. The band will be touring heavily this year. They kick things off by opening the "Inferno Festival" at Rockefeller Music Hall in Oslo on Thursday April 13th at 6 PM. The band is also announced for the "Hole In The Sky Festival" in Bergen in August. Other confirmed acts include Celtic Frost, Atheist, Burst, Grimfist, 1349 and others. In addition to this the band sets off on a European tour with Carpathian Forest and Hate. However, because of their busy schedule they are heading back to Norway to support Satyricon in their home-country in May. Exactly one month after Inferno, Keep Of Kalessin will once again enter the stage at Norway’s largest club venue, Rockefeller. This gives the band an opportunity to showcase more songs from "Armada" for the Oslo audience since the time given is limited and strict on festivals and support gigs.

Trondheim Death Metallers BLOODTHORN will be taking Keep Of Kalessin’s place on the Carpathian Forest tour from the 1st of May until the 13th of May, and they all meet again in London on the 14th to share the stage at the Underworld for the "Day Into Night Festival" alongside bands like Zyklon, Akercocke and 1349 among others.

VORE‘s new album "Maleficus" was the number six most added album at Metal radio on March 21st.

UK based fans of Sweden’s CULT OF LUNA are being offered a special treat when they rush out to purchase the band’s fourth sonic outing "Somewhere Along The Highway" on Monday 24th April. At participating Indie stores across the UK any one who snaps up "Somewhere Along The Highway" on any format will take home a free exclusive 7 inch by CULT OF LUNA, limited to 1000 copies and containing the two unreleased tracks ‘Bodies’ (SMASHING PUMPKINS cover) and ‘Recluse’ (UNBROKEN cover) which are unavailable anywhere else.

March 30, 2006

The new IMPALED NAZARENE album "Pro Patria Finlandia" entered the Finnish charts at number 38.

Drummer Derek Roddy has parted ways with HATE ETERNAL. Unfortunately this departure was at a crucial time for Hate Eternal as the band are scheduled for a well-advertised tour with Chiamaira and Arch Enemy in only a matter of days. In an effort to persevere like he has done so many times, Erik Rutan sought out a replacement to sit behind the kit for the tour. Erik has found that replacement in Kevin Talley. Kevin has played in a number of bands, namely Chimaira and Dying Fetus. Erik Rutan released the following statement regarding this matter: "First off, I want to say that Hate Eternal will not be cancelling any upcoming tour dates, period! We are very much looking forward to seeing everyone next week on the Chimaira / Arch Enemy tour as well as seeing you loyal sick maniacs in Europe who have been so patiently waiting to see us for over a year. At this point we would like to announce that Kevin Talley will be stepping up to the plate and filling in on drums for the upcoming US Chimaira / Arch Enemy tour. Kevin is an amazing talent that we very much look forward to touring with and we want to thank him sincerely for his help in fulfilling our commitment. Regarding Derek Roddy, he has left Hate Eternal with very little warning and I want to set the story straight. We wish to take the high road here so there will be no mud slinging and whining, just facts. Randy and I spoke to Derek this past weekend and he informed us that a situation in his life had arisen which might stop him from doing these tours and force him to leave the band. But if everything turned out ok, he would fulfil his obligation to the band and fulfil our touring commitments. We did not hear from Derek since that conversation and the next thing we know, 48 hours later, I get a phone call from a friend stating about Derek’s press release with him quitting the band in which we had no prior knowledge of, contradicting our conversation 2 days prior. I found out like everyone else did online! Regarding the content of his press release, we Hate Eternal have never stopped or restrained Derek from playing, recording or touring with any other projects (he has recorded multiple albums during the 6 years of Hate Eternal with Council of the Fallen, Aurora Borealis, Nile, plus doing drum clinics, his instructional videos and his new project with Alex Webster). So we found his statement quite a contradiction and shocking to say the least. I still have not spoken to Derek since this and have no idea where his head is at. No one has supported Derek more than Randy and I for the last 6 years and we have made many sacrifices for Derek to be a part of this band. Anyone and everyone in this business knows if you think you are going to make tons of cash playing Metal, than you are in it for the wrong reasons, that is why we have been supportive in Derek making money with his other projects, clinics, dvds, etc. We as a band have had financial setbacks with a van accident and being stranded in Canada forcing us to cancel many shows but every other tour we have done has made financial gain, not a ton of cash, but in the green. What band has not had financial woes? Hate Eternal has helped Derek become a very well known drummer, sell DVD instructional videos, endorsements etc and make tons of fans of Derek’s drumming. After 6 years of playing together we would have hoped that he would leave on better terms than he did, but life goes on. We wish Derek luck in his future endeavours. Nothing will stop Hate Eternal!! Sincerely, Erik Rutan, Hate Eternal."

March 29, 2006

Michael Scholz has left RESURRECTED for personal reasons. The band’s upcoming album "Endless Sea Of Loss" will feature Adriano Ricci (Grind Inc., Night In Gales etc.) as session musician on drums.

March 28, 2006

DECAPITATED were busy last week shooting the first video clip from their "Organic Hallucinosis" album. You can check out stills from the production of day 69 here. DECAPITATED are confirmed for the following festivals: May 26 – Fuck The Commerce Festival, MZA (Mehrzweckhalle) Luckau, Germany, July 22 – Metal Camp Festival, Tolmin, Slovenia. Expect more dates to be announced soon.

DEICIDE are still in the midst of recording at Morris Sound in Tampa, Florida this week. The band are working dilligently to complete work on their latest release, "The Stench Of Redemption", scheduled for a 6.6.06 release. In a phone conversation drummer Steve Asheim revealed the following update: "We’re tracking a few more leads and Glen has just started on his vocal tracks", said Asheim, "But things are coming out really great." One particular moment stood out for the band when guitarist Ralph Santolla finished up recording a lead. "Ralph came out and he said ‘I think that’s got to be the best lead I’ve ever played’, at which point Jim (Morris) said ‘you know, I think that’s the best lead I’ve ever recorded", Steve said. Coming from someone like Jim Morris who’s worked with so many of the Metal greats that is a seriously powerful statement. Additionally, Glen Benton has entered the studio and has been tracking his vocals over the last few days. Things are going very well and as Steve Asheim put it they sound "Sinister as Fuck." Benton’s vocals have helped to really carve out a better image of what the final results of this session will be. Lyrics for "The Stench Of Redemption" remain on the darker side of things, nothing out of the ordinary for Satan’s favorite band. Benton stated that one track, titled ‘Desecration’, deals with grave desecration and is an immediate response to the recent controversy in France. Glen has already shared his feelings on the subject but this is sure to add fuel to the fire. The band is now logging between 10-16 hour days on this project and seriously busting their asses to get this record in the can and ready for fans to go apeshit for.

March 27, 2006

After a few delays JUMALATION have entered the studio to finally record their debut album on OSM Records. "The drum tracks have been finished and the work on the bass tracks has begun", comments Pete Anthares of Jumalation.

EMPEROR frontman IHSAHN‘s video for the song ‘Invocation’, the opening track from his forthcoming solo album, "The Adversary", is available at his website (in QuickTime format) at this location. The video was shot and produced in Notodden, Norway by a local production company. "I think the video reflects both the direct and solitary expression of the album. It was my intention to keep everything as pure and intense as possible, yet staying true to Metal tradition", Ihsahn comments. Four audio samples from "The Adversary", have been made available in the Media section at Ihsahn’s official website: www.ihsahn.com. The tracks are: ‘Called By The Fire’, ‘Citizen’, ‘Astera Ton Proinon’ and ‘Panem Et Circenses’. "The Adversary", to be released cooperatively by Mnemosyne Productions and Candlelight Records worldwide on April 10th, was recorded at Symphonique Studios in Norway. "The music is a continuation of my work within the Metal genre," says Ihsahn in a previous statement. "It incorporates influential elements from all periods / stages of my background since I first picked up the guitar 20 years ago. Powerful, epic, extreme and straight from the heart." All music and lyrics for "The Adversary" have been written and performed by Ihsahn with exception of drums, performed by Asgeir Mickelson (BORKNAGAR, SPIRAL ARCHITECT). "He has been the perfect drummer for this album," notes Ihsahn. "He has really brought to live the patterns I programmed in pre-production." Tracking for "The Adversary" is confirmed as: ‘Invocation’, ‘Called By The Fire’, ‘Citizen’, ‘Homecoming’, ‘Astera Ton Proinon’, ‘Panem Et Circenses’, ‘And He Shall Walk In Empty Places’, ‘Will You Will Love Me Now?’ and ‘The Pain Is Still Mine’.

Swedish Black Metallers RUNEMAGICK have posted the following message at their official website: "Aftermath Music told us that the album ("Invocation Of Magick") still is at the pressing plant. But we hope the release will be now in the near future! Keep checking this site for updates." The artwork for "Invocation Of Magick" has been posted at their website www.runemagick.se. MP3 samples from the album are at this location. "Invocation Of Magick" will include the following tracklisting: ‘Preludium Apocalypsis’, ‘Invocation Of Doom Runes’, ‘Black Magick Sorceress’, ‘Fisher Of Souls’, ‘Lower Worlds’, ‘The Devils’ / ‘Imperium Magnus Infernalis’, ‘Conjuration Of The Black Shape’ and ‘Witchcraft Gateways’.

INFERNÄL MÄJESTY have posted another MP3 demo from their forthcoming album, "Systematical Extermination". Head here to listen to ‘Nation Of Assassins’. Metaleater.com spoke to vocalist Brian Langley recently about the album. "So far we have four of the eight songs done", he explained. "We’re thinking about doing two instrumentals… like what was done on "None Shall Defy", like ‘R.I.P.’ and ‘Path Of The Psycho’. We pretty much recorded all of the guitars and then we sent it back to Montreal for J.F. (Dagenais – KATAKLYSM). We’re trying something different this time. We’re demoing the entire album and then we’re going to sit on it for a couple months to listen to it because everybody’s always done it. You listen to it and then when it’s done – and there’s nothing you can do to change it – and then about a month later you go, ‘Oh. Should have done this!’ So this time we’re going to demo the whole album and sit back and listen to it and say, ‘Okay, we should have done this!’ Then we’ll go in and do that and then that will be the album. We’ve recorded seven of the eight (songs) and four of them are in the state that Systematical Extermination is. So they’re pretty much done." "Systematical Extermination" will mark the debut of new vocalist Brian Langley. The album is expected out later this year.

March 24, 2006

ANATA are confirmed to appear at the Uppsala Blodbad Festival, set to take place August 25-26 at the Ungdomens Hus in Uppsala, Sweden. This years event will involve 20 bands over two days. Already confirmed along with ANATA are JIGSORE TERROR, GENERAL SURGERY, SAYYADINA, DEGRADE and THE ARSON PROJECT. For more details: www.uppsalablodbad.se

March 22, 2006

DEICIDE‘s Glen Benton responded to being kicked off Hellfest due to French grave desecrations: "Someone does something stupid and us and the fans have to pay for it. We have gone through great strides in not canceling shows and getting the promoters confidence’s back after that whole fiasco with the ding dong brothers (dumb and dumber). And we have done just that with everyone of our tours being huge success’s ever since. So now I have to deal with childhood antics prohibiting us from performing… so a few graves got disturbed. That’s my doing? Maybe you French people should start putting the dead under the dirt like the rest of the world. Where is your backbone you big shot promoter? Sounds like you’re scared to stand up for what is right. We get the boot in exchange for what? Pleasing some cheese eating bidet squatting French fuck over in the local government. Ahh take your festival and shove it up your ass. I’d rather sit here at home popping pimples on my ass now than do their fest, especially after their show of weakness towards censoring us. As always have a nice day you dick…"

March 21, 2006

According to the official Hellfest website (www.hellfest.fr) DEICIDE have been dropped from this years festival bill due to circumstances, very much out of their control. It seems that the events organizers got the jitters and bowed to local Government pressure to have Glen Benton’s satanic Death Metal outfit removed from the ironically named HELLFEST after graves were desecrated in Nantes. Here is the official Hellfest statement about DEICIDE: "Because of what went on in Brittany during the last few months and this cemetery profanation, we must cancel the band DEICIDE to be sure not to have any problems regarding the festival. We are looking for a band that can replace them and we’ll keep you informed very quickly." According to Sven Letourneur, joint editor in chief of France’s HARD ROCK magazine: "In fact, I read about it in the news, a few idiots, probably kids, profanated a cemetery near Nantes and wrote ‘When Satan Rules His World’ on one of the tombs… The authorities found that it was a DEICIDE song title, so news went out in the media, etc." Le Telegramme newspaper from February 11th ran with a front-page story "Sur La Piste Des Satanistes" (On the track of the Satanists) having this to say about DEICIDE: "’When Satan Rules His World’ is the exact title of a song from an American Death Metal band, an extreme music style that comes from hard rock, that appeared in the 80s and with lyrics that deal about everything that’s morbid and gore. Name of the band: DEICIDE. Quite explicit…" DEICIDE are currently into the second week of recording sessions at Morrisound Recording, Tampa, Florida with producer Jim Morris for their most blasphemous album ever: "The Stench Of Redemption" which is due for release on 6.6.06 on Earache.

The Swedish Death Metal outfit SPAWN OF POSSESSION recently finished their sophomore album, to be entitled "Noctambulant". Two new mp3s have been revealed on www.neurotic-records.com. The songs are called ‘Lash By Lash’ and ‘By A Thousand Deaths Fulfilled’. The latter contains a guest contribution by Robbe K (Arsebreed / Disavowed) on vocals. Other guest contributions on "Noctambulant" include guest vocals by Dusty Boisjolie (Severed Savior) as well as a guest guitar solo by Pat O’Brien (Cannibal Corpse). You will also be able to pre-order the album in a special pre-ordering package including a t-shirt, a CD and a poster. The packages are limited to 200 pieces only.

March 20, 2006

ANGER AS ART have entered the studio last week to start recording the follow-up to their self-titled album. "The most important part of recording Metal is starting with great drumming. It is the foundation on which the house stands. Mars came in and worked his ass off and laid down some of the most monstrous Metal tracks ever recorded. Those who have seen him play, or heard his work with Coffin Texts know exactly what to expect. You’ll get that, and more. His footwork and explosive snare drum are right on the money. He was so well prepared that we finished drum tracks ahead of schedule, and started working on Javiers bass. He is about half done as well, and his playing and tones are thunderous. This allows us to predict a release time tentatively in August 2006 on Old School Metal Records. The album ("Callous And Furor") will consist of 13 songs. If you like Thrash, you’ll love this", says Steve Gaines.

March 17, 2006

The Croatian Death Metal band USUD is about to release their second album "Creators Sorcery" later this year through Mesmerized / Brand New Place Records (distribution will be handled by Walk / Rock Express Records). Musically the band is being described as a morbid angel -, incantation -, immolation – kind of mixture. 

March 15, 2006

ANATA are confirmed to appear at the "Neurotic Deathfest", set to take place May 13 at the Dynamo club in Eindhoven, Holland. Formerly known at the "Rotterdam Deathfest" this years expanded event has not only moved to Eindhoven but will now involve 15 bands on two stages as well as an enlarged Metal Market. Already confirmed along with ANATA are GOREROTTED (UK) PSYCROPTIC (AUS), AVULSED (ESP), DISAVOWED (NL), PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT (NL), INSIDIOUS DECREPANCY (USA), INFECTED MALIGNITY (JAP), ARSEBREED (NL), SANATORIUM (SK), GODLESS TRUTH (CZ), VOMIT THE SOUL (IT), MENTAL HORROR (BR), EMETH (BE) and SARPANITUM (UK). For more details check out: www.neurotic-records.com/deathfest/

March 13, 2006

New Jersey’s DIM MAK, featuring former members of legendary Thrashers RIPPING CORPSE, will be releasing their Willowtip debut, "Knives Of Ice", on April 25th. The band also features drummer John Longstreth (ANGELCORPSE, ORIGIN, SKINLESS). "Knives Of Ice" features the following tracks: ‘Knives Of Ice’, ‘Seeing Crows In Silver’, ‘Great Worm Of Hell’, ‘Devil Finding Mirror’, ‘Incident At The Temple At Leng’, ‘Notorious Vectors Of Disease’, ‘Weakener’, ‘Windowpane’, ‘Perpetuating Corpses’ and ‘Monolith’. MP3’s for ‘Seeing Crows In Silver’ and ‘Incident At The Temple At Leng’ can be found at the Willowtip website and the band’s MySpace page.

Belgian Death Metallers ABORTED have posted the following message at their official website: "We’re shooting our live DVD on May 28 in La Locomotive in Paris, France at the infamous VS Fest! The DVD should be out later this year on Listenable Records. Besides this show it’ll contain live footage from this years Face Your Underground fest in Antwerp, Belgium the show in Montreal, Rouyn Noranda (SUFFOCATION tour) and more. It will also contain the videos completed by the band so far and some interviews and backstage shenanigans! The damn thing should be mixed by mastermind Tue Madsen so we’re very anxious and excited to get this one going! That’s all for now folks, see you on the road!" ABORTED will hit the studio in October with Tue Madsen. In a previous update the band says that "the songwriting is going quite smoothly, we’ve had some time to work on the road and so far everything looks very promising. We’ve got quite some cool surprises up our sleeves!"

BEHEMOTH have posted the following update at their official website explaining the cancellation of their appearance at the Atarfe Festival. The band was reportedly due to leave for Spain with Wizzar Airlines on March 10th but were not allowed to board the plane due to oversized and overweight luggage. They have issued the following statement: "This situation was simply beyond our control. Occasionally we face this kind of problems but it never really ended up like this. We are truly pissed off that we couldn’t get on that plane and were forced to cancel this festival. We haven’t really discussed it with organizers yet, but we’ll do our best to play there next year if possible. We are sending our biggest apologizes to all who showed up on March 11th in hope to see Behemoth in Spain."

CELTIC FROST are back with a reunion album called "Monotheist", and will tour North America in support of the record in the fall. Martin Ain discussed recently the title of the record and its artwork with BW&BK: "Monotheist" grew over a certain period as a title; we were looking for a title. We came up with "Dark Matter Manifest", which was a working title, because we basically knew everybody was wondering what it was going to be called and we wanted that out of the way so we could really focus on what we wanted to do. And with the writing process progressing, we realized that a lot of songs are about faith, believe, and religion as well – from a personal point of view and from a general point of view. So I think that struck us as a central theme of the album. "Monotheist" as a title, is a strong word to begin with, and it’s got a musical connection, mono / stereo. But that’s just on the side. It’s really about the belief in one god from a human point of view – the person who believes in one god, that’s a monotheist. It’s not the one god itself though, it’s the person. And of course, it could be anybody, it could be Judaism, Christianity, Islam. You could even say it could be Satanism if you want to; they all believe in one god. We don’t put the finger on one entity, on one specific god; we leave it open and it leaves it personal. The cover art. we’re coming out with three different releases, right? A jewel case, a digipak, and a double gatefold vinyl. And what you’ve got here is basically the front cover, the face of an entire body of work that will follow the digipak and the gatefold vinyl and the promotional material as well. It’s part of a larger artwork. We wanted to focus on the human side, the personal side. You have this face, it’s kind of like a death face, a death mask, but again, a bit more sophisticated. But it is the basic, ‘Only death is real’ slogan that we’ve had since the start. We think that death is the transcendent moment in every human’s existence, which gives the need for a god in the first place." "Monotheist" will be released on May 29th Europe and May 30th in North America via Century Media. The album will be released in three different configurations including a limited-edition digipak containing the bonus track ‘Temple Of Depression’ and a vinyl LP with another bonus title, ‘Incantation Against You’. The album features 11 songs all produced by the band with Peter Tägtgren (HYPOCRISY / PAIN).

Oakland Thrashers DEFIANCE, best known for their seminal late 80s / early 90s Roadrunner releases "Void Terra Firma" and "Beyond Recognition", have inked a deal with LA based Corporate Punishment Records, who will release the group’s as-yet-untitled fourth LP in late 2006. Part of the so-called "second wave" of Bay Area Thrash (which also included the likes of FORBIDDEN, VIO-LENCE, DEATH ANGEL, and TESTAMENT), Defiance officially disbanded in 1993, after the departure of vocalist Steev Esquivel (who would go on to form SKINLAB, and later RE:IGNITION), while the remaining members, with the addition of vocalist Dave Godfrey White (HEATHEN), formed INNER THRESHOLD, which would also eventually disband. In 2005, rumors of a reformed DEFIANCE sent waves of interest through the burgeoning Thrash Metal community, until it was finally confirmed that the band had in fact reunited and were at work on their first new material in over a decade. "I’m really stoked to be playing with DEFIANCE again", says guitarist Jim Adams, "We have been working on some new songs and ideas that are really heavy and complex. We are not moving away from the Bay Area Thrash style that people will expect to hear from us, no detuning or anything like that. We are writing pure straight forward Thrash Metal." Bassist / founder Mike Kauffman adds, "We’ve been working hard at writing new songs and we’re all looking forward to working with Corporate Punishment. We hold ourselves to a very high standard when it comes to songwriting and I’m sure our fans will not be disappointed." In addition to the classic line-up of Doug Harrington (guitars), Jim Adams (guitars), Mike Kaufmann (bass) and vocalist Steev Esquivel, the LP will also feature (ex VIO-LENCE, TORQUE) drummer Mark Hernandez. The band is set to enter Trident Studios in Concord, CA with producer Juan Urteaga (EXODUS, SKINLAB, VILE) this summer to begin work on the album. Upon completion of the LP, the band is looking forward to playing selected shows and festivals. In addition to the new LP, CPR will also release the bands first long-form DVD, "Decade(s) Of Defiance", compiling hours of live performance, interview and archival footage chronicling their nearly 20 years of existence.

March 10, 2006

The following news was posted on the Blabbermouth website: Guitarist Henrik Johansson of the Swedish Black Metal band APOSTASY was murdered in his home Thursday night (March 9), the group’s frontman, Fredric Edin, told Blabbermouth.net. "According to the police, his girlfriend stabbed him without known reason in his heart area and he bled to death before the ambulance showed up!" Edin said. Added Fredric: "Rest in peace, dear brother and friend." APOSTASY’s second full-length album, "Devilution", was released last year via Black Mark Records. The follow-up to 2004’s "Cell 666" was recorded at Studio Undergound in Västerås, Sweden. For more information on APOSTASY, visit www.apostasy.se.

March 09, 2006

The new LEGION OF SADISM album "The Great World of Satan" is now available from Christhunt Productions (www.christhuntproductions.de) as a limited edition (1000 copies) digi pack CD. "The Great World of Satan" was recorded at R. Nolpa’s Hell Sounds Studio (www.hell-sounds.de) and features new drummer Impurus (Dies Ater / Cryogenic). The current line-up consists of: M. (vocals), H8 (guitar), Andrealphux (bass), Ole C. (keyboard) and Impurus (drums). Tracklist: ‘Intro’, ‘The Great World Of Satan’, ‘Schaurige G’stalt’, ‘Wir warten nur bis die Gewalt losbricht’, ‘Black Metal Sturmangriff’, ‘Total H8’, ‘Kraft durch Kraft’, ‘Prelude’, ‘H-Caput Adulescentulus’ and ‘Der schwarze Tod (Hermann von Lingg)’. The last track is an interpretation of Hermann von Lingg’s poem "Der schwarze Tod". For further information on the band visit: www.legion-of-sadism.de

March 08, 2006

Guitarist Martin "Sigtyr" Thim of the Danish Death Metallers EXMORTEM has posted the following message on the band’s official website: "It’s been a long time since the last update again… and the thing is that there’s not a hell lot to tell really. Morten (Siersbaek, drums) is in France at the moment and in the meantime me and Andreas (Schubert, guitar) continue working on new material. We are also working on a four-track rehearsal that should be done in a few weeks, but this will not be made official in any way! Andreas is involved in LITHIUM that have recorded a MCD and are looking for a label, they should have a site up soon… Simon (Petersen, vocals) has just finished a new album with HORNED ALMIGHTY that should be out soon. In ILLDISPOSED we are awaiting the release date on the new album, plus the touring schedule that follows… more on this as it (becomes) available!"

March 07, 2006

Québec, Canada’s THESYRE just inked a deal with Osmose Productions. The band’s third album and first for the label will be entitled "Exist!" and is expected to be released later this autumn. In related news, THESYRE will soon team up with Norway’s AUDIOPAIN to release a (limited) split 7" vinyl through the Norwegian label Worship Him Records. MP3 files and further info can be found at www.thesyre.com.

Dutch Death Metallers SEVERE TORTURE have been confirmed for the European leg of the "Blitzkrieg 4 Tour 2006" which is due to begin in September 2006. Prior to this SEVERE TORTURE will join Earache label mates MUNICIPAL WASTE and ANATA and a host of extreme talent at this years Maryland Deathfest. Set to take place May 27 – 28, 2006 at the Sonar in Baltimore, USA other heavyweights already announced include Dismember, Vital Remains and Pungent Stench.

DEICIDE have been confirmed for the 20th edition of the NUMMIROCK FESTIVAL, set to take place June 23 – 24 in Nummijärvi, Finland. They will join MARDUK, HYPOCRISY, AMORPHIS and more so far confirmed. For more information go to: www.nummirock.fi/2006.

March 06, 2006

MONSTROSITY have announced the "Gutting Europe 4 – A Triumph in Black Tour 2006". The tour consists of 33 shows in 33 days with stops in over 12 countries. Support will come from Deeds of Flesh (who did a full US / Canada tour with MONSTROSITY in 2002), Impaled and Vile. MONSTROSITY welcomes new vocalist Brian Werner and is rounded out by founder Lee Harrison (on drums), guitarist Sam Molina and bassist Mike Poggione. Mike is featured in the bass corner segment of this months issue of Pit Magazine. For more info check out www.monstrosity.us or www.myspace.com/monstrosity1

March 03, 2006

The artwork for SODOM‘s forthcoming self titled album can be seen at this location. The album is due out in Germany on April 21st 2006, in Europe on April 24th and North America on May 9th. The following press release for the album was recently issued: "It’s been a long wait for the fans, but now SODOM are ready to present their latest recording at last. Every band needs a self-titled album at least once in their career," band mastermind Tom Angelripper points out, adding that the twelve new tracks will contain pure Thrash Metal in its most dynamic incarnation. "We have to apologize to our fans that the album didn’t come out sooner, but the work on our DVD, "Lords Of Depravity Part I", was so time-consuming that things took a little longer than expected." However, the band featuring singer / bass player Tom Angelripper, guitarist Bernemann and drummer Bobby Schottkowski will make the long wait worthwhile for their fan community with an offering that could hardly be more straightforward or determined. "We wanted to prove to the world what we can do, that’s why we decided to roll up our sleeves and pool our strengths." The current SODOM line-up has proved to be the most consistent in the band’s history. "The team Angelripper / Bernemann / Schottkowski will celebrate its anniversary this year: We’ve been together for ten years," explains Tom, who is determined to continue to sail into the wind with his band in an increasingly short-lived world, not deviating from his present course when it comes to SODOM’s lyrics. "I’ve always written about things that go on in the world, the injustice and mistakes that happen everywhere. I know that you can’t change anything politically, but I would at least like to make clear where I stand and raise people’s awareness of those deplorable states of affair." The album was recorded and mixed at the premises of an old friend: Andy Brings. The former SODOM guitarist produced the new album at his Midas Twins studios in Hagen, Germany, together with sound engineer Haan Hartmann, bringing out the best in the musicians. "Andy did a great job and really lured the optimum performance out of me. Our new album proves that you don’t necessarily have to go to an American studio to get a good sound." "Sodom" was mastered by Eroc, drummer with German rock cult band, GROBSCHNITT. Tracklisting: ‘Blood On Your Lips’, ‘Wanted Dead’, ‘Buried In The Justice Ground’, ‘City Of God’, ‘Bibles And Guns’, ‘Axis Of Evil’, ‘Lords Of Depravity’, ‘No Captures’, ‘Lay Down The Law’, ‘Nothing To Regret’, ‘The Enemy Inside’. The bonus track for Japan is ‘Kamikaze Terrorizer’. SODOM are scheduled to tour Eastern Europe as early as April 2006, and Angelripper promises an extensive tour of Germany and Europe this coming autumn: "It’s high time we celebrated a real Thrash Metal party again with our fans." SODOM have updated their website (www.sodomized.info) with the confirmed dates for their upcoming "Depravity Over East Europe" Tour 2006 with FATAL EMBRACE.

Italy’s HORRID who formed back in ’92 and released various demos, EPs, a mini CD and one album during their career, have inked a deal with Xtreem Music for the release of their second album "Rising From The Hidden Spheres". Recorded in Denmark at Starstruck Studios with Anders Lundemark (KONKHRA) as producer, the album includes 8 songs in the usual tradition of the band since their inception, this is: total swedish Death Metal worship. With a 100% Swedish sound, any lover of bands like early DISMEMBER, CARNAGE, ENTOMBED, GOD MACABRE and the likes, will find on this album a perfect way to go back to the golden days of the original swedish Death Metal scene. "Rising From The Hidden Spheres" includes the following songs: ‘Nothing Lives Forever’, ‘Rising From The Hidden Spheres’, ‘From Here To Eternity’, ‘Come To Me’, ‘Feeling Hate’, ‘Redemption And Lies’, ‘Harmonic Devastation’ and ‘Outro’. The release date is scheduled for March 15th and you can hear an advance mp3 song of the album on the label section of Xtreem Music. For more info about HORRID, please visit: www.horrid.it

San Diego’s DEATHEVOKATION have been signed by Xtreem Music. With only one demo out, simply titled "Blood" and recorded during the first months of 2005, this band lead by German Götz Vogelsang has an overwhelming impact on the underground. The demo features three songs in the vein of ancient masters like UNLEASHED, BOLT THROWER, ASPHYX or AUTOPSY and has already been rated 10/10 in Germany’s biggest extreme Metal magazine "Legacy" and is also going to have a very special feature in US’s "Metal Maniacs". It was released the old way, this is on pro-done cassette accompanied by a 3" mini-CD with the same songs on mp3 format, but it has also recently been released on CD-R format for the less old school minded ones that prefer the digital facilities. The band’s debut album is expected to be released by the end of 2006 and they’re currently jamming with their new drummer revamping the demo songs as well as doing new ones with titles like: ‘Infinity Blights The Flesh’, ‘Day Of Shadows’, ‘The Chalice Of Ages’ (the album title) amongst others. For more info on this band check out their website www.deathevokation.com.