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May 30, 2006

GOSPEL OF THE HORNS will enter Toyland Studios in Melbourne at the end of July to record their long awaited follow up to "A Call to Arms".

The new VULPECULA album "In Dusk Apparition" is finally out on Invictus Productions now. This is the final chapter in the VULPECULA saga and carries on the dark, occult, eerie feeling of the previous releases, "Phoenix Of The Creation" (7") and "Fons Immortalis" (EP).

The next release on Invictus Productions (www.invictusproductions.net) will be SPEARHEAD (UK) "Deathless Steel Command" on CD. For more info on the band head to www.spearhead.cjb.net.

USUD‘s sophomore release "Creator’s Sorcery" is available for download at this location www.usud.org.

May 26, 2006

RUFFIANS have signed a deal with Metal Heaven Records. The band split up in ’88 and then reunited in 2004 when invited to play Germany’s legendary Bang Your Head Festival. They have since released two re-releases and toured Europe last Fall. The band is currently recording their much anticipated album at Imperial Studios in Northern California. Look for a release date of October 2006. Current Line-up: Rich Wilde – vocals, Craig Behrhorst – guitar, Chris Atchison – guitar, Luke Bowman – drums and Tommy Sisco – bass. www.ruffians.org, www.myspace.com/ruffiansmetal

May 18, 2006

RESURRECTED have finally found a new drummer. His name is Hazim Fouad, he has played with the German Thrash Metal Band Skullbreaker for 4 years and will continue to do so. His statement to this matter: "I want to thank the guys of Resurrected for this great opportunity and I’m gladly looking forward to our further cooperation. I hope I can follow my predecessor’s footsteps and won’t disappoint any fan of the band!" Besides the work on "Endless Sea Of Loss" rapidly takes its course. The release date is planned for September / October through Morbid Records.

May 17, 2006

The release date of MELECHESH‘s "Emissaries" album had to be postponed. Here’s the official press statement from the band: "By now many are speculating as to why the new Melechesh album is not out yet. The release date was supposed to be sometime in May, but this date is postponed and Osmose Productions now aim to release the album sometime in early fall 2006, most probably September. The reason is attributed to an inadequate mixing of the album which led to an undesirable and a non presentable album sound. We all strongly feel and believe the mix Attie Bauw did was not good at all, hence we and Osmose Productions saw no way other than to delay the release and remix the album. We feel so passionate about this album and we are determined to deliver another landmark Mesopotamian Metal album defining new boundaries for Sumerian thrashing Black Metal. This album recording process was so demanding mentally and psychologically my doctor advised me to visit a psychiatric evaluation centre because I have become very unpredictable to say the least. Nevertheless, such issues occur and we are not the first band to go through this. The good news is the recording itself went good. The mixing duties are now handed to Dennis Koehne, the engineer that was involved in recording this album. As a matter of fact we are re-mixing the album as we speak. So we would like to thank all the hordes of supporters that are fervently awaiting this album… "Emissaries" won’t disappoint you!" – Ashmedi

May 16, 2006

Finnish Death Metallers NERLICH have inked deal with OSM Records. CEO Patrick Ramseier comments: "With much excitement we welcome Nerlich to the OSM family. Nerlich was formed in the Fall of 2003 and hails from Finland. The band plays old school skull-crushing Death Metal. Nerlich have just finished recording the album which will be titled "Defabricated Process". The record is scheduled to come out in December of 2006." The previous release of NERLICH, a split with DECOHERENCE (France) and GOROD / ex-GORGASM (France) is still available through Nihilistic Holocaust: http://site.voila.fr/nihilistic

May 13, 2006

Contributors needed! VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE is still in need of reliable people who are interested to help us out with reviews on a regular base. It would be really helpful if you would be located in Germany (so that we can easily forward promos to you) and if you already have run a zine on your own or contributed to one (not necessary though). You should furthermore be able to write the reviews in english and of course not lack the necessary knowledge in the extreme underground. Interested? Then contact us!

Here’s a little studio update from the recordings of the new ANGER AS ART album: "Tracking for "Callous And Furor" is coming along really well. Most of the tracking is complete, and we hope to wrap on tracking in the next 2 weeks, and move on to mixing. CD Artwork and a track listing will be posted very soon. We are still on target for a September release. We are working on some special stuff to include that will make this a must have CD. Go to www.osmrecords.net for more CD information", says Steve Gaines.

May 09, 2006

Jacques Belanger has once again quit EXCITER. Here’s the official statement from the band: "To all Exciter fans and supporters. For the the 3rd time in 10 years, Jacques Belanger has quit Exciter. Due to "differences of opinion" on many issues between Jacques and the rest of the band, he felt he could no longer continue as vocalist for Exciter. We are currently exploring our options but, we have, regretably, had to cancel shows in Europe, the USA and Canada that we had scheduled or been working on for this summer. The writing for the new CD is complete and we have 10 new songs to record, but we’ll have to find the voice to sing on these ripping new tracks first. Exciter would like to thank all the die-hard fans, throughout the globe, who have supported us for many years. The Exciter legacy will continue!"

May 08, 2006

To celebrate the release of their new album, NECROPHOBIC will hold a release party on Saturday, May 20, in Stockholm, Sweden at Tantogården. Check out their official website at www.necrophobic.net in the coming days for further details.

May 03, 2006

SECRETS OF THE MOON have finished recording their forthcoming album "Antithesis", scheduled for release in autumn 2006 via Lupus Lounge. At present, producer Markus Stock is busy mixing the album in Studio E.

NYC Thrashers SUN DESCENDS had to cancel their European tour due to allegations that were made toward Impaled Nazarene, stating that the band has Neo Fascist tendencies in their lyrics. Impaled Nazarene had to cancel the portion of their Euro tour that originally saw SUN DESCENDS supporting them along with MASTER. Mem: "This has been a very hard blow for the band psychologically and financially. However, we refuse to give up and we will try to come and play in Europe before this year is over. We deeply regret these circumstances and want to state this situation occurred without us being at fault. We started working on new material for the follow up to "Incinerating The Meek", and are even considering recording the new SUN DESCENDS album in Germany."

May 01, 2006

This week Kansas City’s only Death / Thrash Metal band ARES KINGDOM releases their new CD "Return To Dust" through NWN! Productions. Gatefold LPs will follow later in May and include a poster. Also, limited edition "Die Hard" picture discs will include a bonus 7" EP featuring the band’s acclaimed 1997 demo, poster and an embroidered patch. The band has also released a special edition gold bullion embroidered logo patch, available through their website. As a follow-up to January’s "Firestorm Redemption" 12", a second single entitled "Failsafe" will appear this summer and feature three non-LP bonus tracks – ‘Vultures In The Sky’ (originally recorded by L.A. Thrashers DÉTENTE in 1985), ‘Solis Lacus’ and ‘Imperium’, and other extras. In other news, vocalist Alex Blume has taken over bass duties and Doug Overbay has switched to rhythm guitars. The band is preparing for live assaults this summer. Guitarist Chuck Keller has written a special tribute to Quorthon for the book that will accompany the BATHORY – In Memory of Quorthon box set, and has been working with Boss and Black Mark on the book itself, set for release June 3rd – exactly two years to the day of Quorthon’s passing. For more info check out www.ares-kingdom.com or www.nwnprod.com