April 24, 2007

Belgium’s Hollowman Records will be taking care of the vinyl release of "Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture", the newest album by ABORTED. It was produced and mastered by Tue Madsen (THE HAUNTED) and features guest appearances by Jeff Walker (ex-CARCASS), HATESPHERE’s Jacob Bredahl and David Haley of PSYCROPTIC. The limited colour vinyl will be out on May 15th.

San Francisco’s Death Metal legend POSSESSED, featuring original vocalist Jeff Becerra as well as members of SADISTIC INTENT is confirmed to play this year’s Wacken Festival! Here’s what SADISTIC INTENT guitarist Rick Cortez just told us: "Jeff Becerra chose us to do Possessed with him! We’ve been rehearsing songs from "Seven Churches", "Beyond The Gates" and "The Eyes Of Horror"! The people from the Wacken fest got in contact and invited us to appear at this year’s event! We’ve already accepted their offer so it’s pretty much official, Possessed is going to do one exclusive show for Wacken! This will be the only show for Possessed in Europe, at least for now. As far as Sadistic Intent, we are trying to organize a show in Germany (preferably nearby the Wacken) the day after the fest which is a Sunday. I already spoke with Wannes of Pentacle and they would like to do the gig with us. I am waiting for the booking agent to get back to me regarding this Sadistic Intent show. If it does happen, it will be the only Sadistic Intent show in Europe for now as well."

OBEISANCE have their debut DVD "Satanik Warfare In Texas" available now exclusively through them but are looking for a label interested in releasing it. Also the band has four new songs, ‘Satanik Shoktroops Of Doom’, ‘Satanika Pandemonia’, ‘S.T.D. – Satanically Transmitted Disease’ and ‘Satanik Metal City’ already recorded as they are talking to some record labels for a 7" release. For free Obeisance videos go to www.youtube.com/evilonit666

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