April 27, 2007

The recordings of the new ONDSKAPT album, that were supposed to take place in August, are now delayed until Autumn. More info soon.

The new BENIGHTED album might be entirely finished by the end of August 2007. The release is planned for mid October and might come as a dual disc with an entire live performance and more. A French tour is currently being booked.

IMPALED NAZARENE are working on their new album "Manifest" that will be recorded this summer. In the meantime the band is trying to set up a complete North America tour for October / November 2007. The "Rapture" album re-release plus bonus material will see the light of day on June 04, 2007.

Osmose Productions proudly announces the release of the new SIGH album "Hangman’s Hymn", due out on June 04, 2007.

After a long delay and a totally re-recorded album in another studio, ARKHON INFAUSTUS‘ "Orthodoxyn" album will finally be released on May 28, 2007. It will be available as a stricly limited edition digibook (1500 copies) including fantastic artwork and a 40 pages booklet. The regular CD will be released as well as a strickly limited vinyl edition (1000 copies) with a poster. The North American version will be available through Red Stream Inc.

SULPHUR is supposed to open on the UNLEASHED and BELPHEGOR tour that starts in mid May in Europe, but the UK dates are being cancelled.

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