August 01, 2007

Pete Flesh (THROWN, ex-DECEIVER, ex-MAZE OF TORMENT) has now recorded the follow-up to last years FLESH album "Temple Of Whores", entitled "Worship The Soul Of Disgust". The album was recorded, mixed and produced at Abyss studio by Tommy Tägtgren and Pete Flesh. This will be the first "real" release for FLESH on Pulverised Records (SATARIEL, DISSECTION, IN AETERNUM, WATAIN, etc.) from Singapore since the break-up with Swedish Iron Fist Productions. Pulverised Records has as well re-released "Temple Of Whores" (2006) and will soon also re-release the first album "Dödsångest" (2007). No release date is set for the new album yet, but plans are being made to have it out this autumn. The tracklist for "Worship The Soul Of Disgust" reads as follows: ‘Shatahan’, ‘I Masturbate To Jesus-Christ’, ‘Feast On The Soul’, ‘Nights Of Funeral Bells’, ‘Fuck The Romantic, Fuck The Gothic – All Hail The Morbids And The Obscure’, ‘Sluts & Whores’, ‘Sadistic Penetration’, ‘My Penis Will Be Your Opera’ and ‘Worship The Soul Of Disgust’. The track ‘I Masturbate To Jesus-Christ’ can be heard at this location:

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