August 06, 2007

They came, they saw and they DEFINITELY CONQUERED! Yes people, California’s SADISTIC INTENT finally played they very first European show EVER, yesterday night at the Ballroom in Hamburg, Germany. And I can tell you – all those of you who decided to stay home will most certainly regret this decision forever, cause personally I haven’t seen any other Death Metal act in a fuckin’ long time that managed to impress in such a big way as this unholy unity (and I suppose the internationally mixed crowd – fans from Sweden, Belgium, Italy etc. showed up for this event – will agree with me here)! Imagine a crushing mixture of classic MORBID ANGEL spiced up with the intensity of old SLAYER and POSSESSED (also visually) and you are kinda close already to the power and magic that was set free yesterday. Of course all the band’s classics found their way into the setlist (‘Eternal Darkness’, ‘Ancient Black Earth’, ‘Morbid Faith’ etc. etc.) as well as a brandnew song (of which I can’t recall the title at the moment, sorry)! LEGENDARY! Support came from Holland’s ancient Death Metal trinity PENTACLE who once more proved to be a killer live act with the right feeling for old school Death Metal as well as female fronted TOURETTES from Australia, who unfortunately replaced NECROS CHRISTOS.

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