August 18, 2007

Reunited Norwegian Symphonic Black Metallers LIMBONIC ART will strike back on the 24th of September with their brand new album entitled "Legacy Of Evil". You can check a brand new song called ‘Lycanthropic Tales’ at the band’s myspace page

Shortly before the end of the last millennium, DRAUTRAN from Kiel, Germany, self-released their "Unter dem Banner der Nordwinde" album. Their name quickly made the circuit in the international underground, a few concerts (among them the PartySan Festival in 2002 and the Av Is Og Ild in 2004) cemented their reputation. After eight years of deceitful calm, "Throne Of The Depths" will be released on October 29 via Lupus Lounge (, with whom the band has signed a five-album contract. A dignified re-release of the classic "Unter dem Banner der Nordwinde" has also been agreed upon.

After just one demo ("042103Freitod") Germany’s grim Black Metal horde FARSOT will release their debut album "IIII" via Lupus Lounge on October 29. It is the first of five albums to be published by the label.

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