February 13, 2007

INTERMENT (SWE), FUNEBRARUM (US) and KORPIKLAANI (FIN) have been added to the billing of this year’s PARTY.SAN OPEN AIR. Additionally the work on the DVD of last year’s festival has reached its final stages. www.party-san.de

Germany’s Dragon Productions (www.dragon-productions.com) will be the exclusive booking agency for Sweden’s NECROPHOBIC from now on. The band’s songwriting process for the next album has already started, while their very early stuff will most likely be re-released in the not too distant future as well. A bootleg with all the old stuff has already circulating the scene for quite some time and Joakim Sterner (original member) now feels the time is right to release all of that in a more professional and rightful way. There’s also a NECROPHOBIC DVD in the making, which should be finished later this year. For more info or updates check out www.necrophobic.net.

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