January 18, 2007

IMPALED NAZARENE‘s 1996 and 1998 albums "Latex Cult" and "Rapture" have been remastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studio. Ritual (the band’s house artist) has already worked on the cover for "Rapture" and will be starting on "Latex Cult" soon as well. Both albums will feature bonus material. "Latex Cult" has four live tracks (‘Total War – Winter War’, ‘Soul Rape’, ‘Punishment Is Absolute’ and ‘Mortification / Blood Red Razor Blade’), recorded at La Laiterie club in Strasbourg in 1996. "Rapture" has the LP version bonus tracks (a cover of Sodom’s ‘Burst Command ‘Til War’ and ‘Nuclear Metal Retaliation’) plus eight live tracks (‘Transvestite’, ‘Motorpenis’, ‘Bashing In Heads’, ‘I Eat Pussy For Breakfast’, ‘Whore’, ‘Violence I Crave’, ‘Goat Perversion’ and ‘Hoath: Darbs Lucifero’) taken from the Strasbourg show as well. In the meantime IMPALED NAZARENE have started writing their 10th studio album, which will be entitled "Manifest". 6-8 songs are finished with more to come. There will also be double 10" EP versions of "Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz" and "Ugra-Karma" later this year. Both will be limited to 300 copies only and will contain rare live material from 1991 to 1995, all from the band’s personal tapes. Exact track lists will be available soon.

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