January 24, 2007

SATHANAS will release a new mini album, entitled "Flesh For The Devil" on February 24th, 2007 via Pagan Records. The track listing is as follows: ‘Invocation’, ‘Possessed By Blasphemy’, ‘Flesh For The Beast’, ‘Reign Of The Antichrist’, ‘Nocturnal Hell’ and ‘Unholy War’.

The long-awaited split with THRONEUM and REVELATION OF DOOM is done and is expected to be released late February 2007 on Pagan Records. The album is called "Total Regression!" and clocks in about 40 minutes, consisting of exclusive, all new cuts from both bands, as well as plenty of covers (Hellhammer, Blasphemy, Destruction, Morgoth to name a few).

After numerous split releases and demos, Polish Thrash Metallers BLOODTHIRST have signed to Pagan Records. The band will enter the Metalsound Studio in early March to begin recording their debut full length album "Let Him Die". Expect nine songs of violent, bone crushing, headbanging Thrash Metal in the vein of the 80s titans: Kreator ("Pleasure To Kill" period), Protector, Assassin… Some of the songs that will appear on the album: ‘Let Him Die’, ‘Desecrate The Lie’, ‘Crush The Bastard Nazarene’, ‘Thrashing Madness’, ‘Destroyer – Bringer Of Flames’, ‘Winds Of Death’ and ‘Excommunion (Sacrifice For Hell)’. The cover and layout art will be done by Klaudiusz Witczak (Throneum, Nun Slaughter, Anima Damnata). "Let Him Die" is expected to be released somewhere in the midle of 2007.

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