June 19, 2007

Guitarist Tuomio has decided to leave IMPALED NAZARENE. Here’s the official statement from the band regarding this subject: "His decision is personal and we thank him for everything he did with us the last four years and wish him the best of luck for his future adventures. Tomi UG Ullgren is our new lead guitarist, many of you have already witnessed him with us on stage as he has been a session member of this band since 2000, done various tours with us etc. This change will not affect any of our forth-coming shows. We have now finished recording vocals of our new album "Manifest". Sounds fucking killer. "Manifest" will be mixed at Sonic Pump studio by Tapio Pennanen at late July and mastered at Finnvox studio by Mika Jussila mid August. We also decided with Osmose that "Manifest" will be put out as double 10" vinyl instead of normal 12". We will now start working on cover and lay-out with our house artist Ritual."

FUNERAL PROCESSION have just published the following statement: "It has come to the band’s knowledge that bootleg copies of the very first demo are spread via ebay and different mailorders. The releases are claimed to be originals, but they are certainly not. An easy way to check your copy against those bootlegs is to make sure that the numbers inside the tape are written with red ink (which all originals were as far as the band knows – the bootlegs have them in blue) and that both cover plus bandpicture are distinguishable (due to the bootleg being a xerox of a xerox one cannot recognize anything). The tape was released more than eight years ago and limited to 300, so it is of course very unlikely that a whole pile of new and mint tapes suddenly appears out of nowhere. Although the band is trying to find out the source of the bootlegs, most hints until now led to a dead end. Thus the only advice for the time being is to be very careful."

Germany’s Black Metal horde ZARATHUSTRA is searching for a second guitarist, preferable with live- and studio experiences (not a must though). A tour is planned for October. You can get in touch with the band at headquarter@zarathustra-online.net. More info, a band bio, listening samples etc. you will find at www.zarathustra-online.net or www.myspace.com/zarathustraband.

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