March 27, 2007

NYC Thrashers SUN DESCENDS added a 2nd guitarist to their roster. Bronx raised, Lou Cortez, has joined the band in December 2006, and is now a permanent member. SUN DESCENDS pushed their recording date back to late May 2007, and are in the end stages of the writing process for the new album. The new CD titled "The Entropy Formula" will be produced by TERROR OF THE TREES mastermind, His Eminence the Wicked. The recording will also feature Craig "The Reaper" Horval of NUNSLAUGTHTER / CRUCIFIED MORTALS on bass. The artwork for the album will be created by Sean Taggart, who was responsible for mid eighties cover artwork from bands such as AGNOSTIC FRONT, CRUMBSUCKERS and CARNIVORE. Mem Von Stein: "The new material is definitely in the vein of eighties Thrash Metal with traces of Hardcore and a lot of guitar harmonies. It captures the spirit and sound of New York City’s inspiring griminess." "The Entropy Formula" will be released via Twilight Distribution in late summer of 2007.

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