May 13, 2007

New York’s Death Metal masters IMMOLATION have recorded, mixed and mastered two new releases at Millbrook Sound Studios with producer Paul Orofino. First one is an EP entitled "Hope And Horror" that contains the tracks ‘Den Of Thieves’, ‘The Condemned’ and ‘The Struggle Of Hope And Horror’ (instrumental). Together with the three new exclusive tracks there will be a DVD of an entire live set recorded last year at BB Kings night club in New York City. "The video work on this is amazing, the sound is raw, but you can make everything out really well. It really gets the live feel like your there!" says bassplayer / vocalist Ross Dolan. The other release is the band’s new full length album "Shadows In The Light", that features the following ten tracks: ‘Hate’s Plague’, ‘Passion Kill’, ‘World Agony’, ‘Tarnished’, ‘The Weight Of Devotion’, ‘Breathing The Dark’, ‘Deliverer Of Evil’, ‘Shadows In The Light’, ‘Lying With Demons’ and ‘Whispering Death’. Both are out on Listenable Records. For all further info check out IMMOLATION’s myspace domain at

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