April 06, 2008

80s Thrash Metal masters HALLOWS EVE have released the title for their new and upcoming album set for a July release. The album is entitled "The Never-Ending Sleep" and the track list is as follows: ‘Night Of The Never-Ending Sleep’, ‘Dominion Resurrected’, ‘Army Of One’, ‘Dance Of The Dead’, ’72 Virgins’, ‘Bed Of Nails’, ‘Interface’, ‘Doors Of Misery’, ‘Through Dark And Dawn’ and ‘The Sun Must Die’. The re-formed Thrash Metal veterans, now made up of original lead vocalist ST Andersen and bass player Tommy Stewart are joined by ex – RIGOR MORTIS guitarist and lead vocalist Doyle Bright who is producing the album, with Atlanta’s own Chris Abbomonte on guitar and Jim Gorman on drums (both from prominent Atlanta Metal acts). Stay tuned for more info on "The Never-Ending Sleep" and more HALLOWS EVE info in the coming weeks. www.myspace.com/hallowsevemusic

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