January 10, 2008

Another split issue of MYSTICAL MUSIC (# 12) and CARNAGE (# 14) has just been released. On 120 printed pages (in German) you’ll get interviews / features on AUTOPSY (a 4 pages Chris Reifert special), EXHORDER (7 pages), SUFFOCATION, EVOCATION, DEMONICAL, IRATE ARCHITECT, UNLEASHED, VOMITORY, MUNICIPAL WASTE, HATESPHERE, NECROTIC FLESH, THE ABSENCE, THIS ENDING, a massive 13 pages long MIKE BROWNING special (feat. MORBID ANGEL, INCUBUS, ACHERON and AFTER DEATH), DEFEATED SANITY, AFGRUND, ULCERATE, SUFFOCATED BASTARD, AGALLOCH (3 pages) and lots more. Plus a free compilation CD-R with 21 (partly unreleased) tracks from RIBSPREADER, PAGANIZER, MASSIVE ASSAULT, PURGATORY, AFTER DEATH, VENERAL DISEASE, HEADHUNTER D.C., KAAMOS, NECROTIC FLESH, DEFLORATION, IMPETUOUS RAGE, MENTAL HORROR, a DOOM METAL special and more. It sells for 5,- Euro (ppd. in Germany, all others ask for postage prices first if you’re ordering) from MYSTICAL MUSIC Zine, c/o Ralf Hauber, Emerlandweg 11, 73529 Strassdorf, Germany, hauber666@gmx.de. Distributors are welcome.

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