July 03, 2008

Kansas City based Death / Thrash Metal band ARES KINGDOM has released "Firestorms And Chaos", a CD collection of early singles and demos through NWN! Productions. Copies are available directly from the band through their official website www.areskingdom.com and linked from their myspace page www.myspace.com/areskingdom. In June 2008 the Ares Kingdom played three California dates on the Blood of the Damned tour with Angelcorpse, Gospel of the Horns, Holocaust Wolves of the Apocalypse, Cemetery Urn and Sanguis Imperem. The band extends its thanks to organizer Chris Wood and the other bands for the most devastating tour the US has seen in years. In September 2007 the band released the "Failsafe" 12" single, a limited edition 12" featuring a reworked version of ORDER FROM CHAOS’ ‘Imperium’, as well as a cover of Detente’s ‘Vultures In The Sky’. The band is currently finishing work on their as-yet-untitled second album and is slated to begin recording at Very Metal Sound later this year.

Sweden’s KARNARIUM will enter the studio this weekend to record their first ever full length album (in their 10 years of existence). The album will be released later this year (both on LP and CD) through Bloodharvest Records. www.myspace.com/karnarium

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