June 04, 2008

Displeased Records have finally received the master tapes for the official reissues of the first two DEATHROW albums. The material is currently getting remastered. "Satans Gift" (also known as "Riders Of Doom") will have the SAMHAIN (pre-DEATHROW) 1985 debut demo as a bonus, while "Raging Steel" will have SAMHAIN’s 1986 second demo as a bonus. Release: Fall 2008

Here’s an official statement from INCRIMINATED: "INCRIMINATED R.I.P. (1997-2008). Yes, eleven years is a long enough time for a band as ugly and fucked-up as INCRIMINATED. With releases like "The Promise Of Worse To Come" or forthcoming Northern Heritage release "Death Noise", we have reached the all time low as even the filthiest sewers have a bottom. There is no more to do or say with this concept, so Death is the only option. We would like to say cheers to all our previous members, those individuals who believed in us all the way and of course those who never understood why anyone would voluntarily do such demented noise as we did."

AGATHOCLES are finishing up the recordings for their new full length to be issued through Displeased Records. The album is entitled "Grind Is Protest" and supposed to be even more brutal and in your face than its predecessor, "Mincer".

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