March 03, 2008

Swedish label Blood Harvest Records which only focused on vinyl releases so far recently released its first time ever CD release, NECROVATION‘s "Breed Deadness Blood". The vinyl edition should be available 29th of March 2008. Besides that they just released the first album from old school Thrashers LETHAL called "Annihilation Agenda" on vinyl and the re-issue of the "Scarlet Slaughterer" album and first time ever on vinyl from Polish Thrasher MAGNUS. In the first week of March the next releases will see the light of day, which are BLOODSTONE‘s "Hour Of The Gate" LP and one more "first time ever on vinyl" with GOD MACABRE‘s Death Metal classic "The Winterlong". Check out or for ordering details.

Dutch Death Metallers STENCH OF DEATH have announced the arrival of Richard Noordzij as the band’s new lead vocalist, who replaces Niels Klompen. Richard is well known as former vocalist for bands like Her Enchantment and Eria d’Or. Both his clean and grunting capabilities are exactly what the band was looking for. Richard comments his engagement as follows: "Unfortunately my adventure with Eria d’Or didn’t turn out the way I had in mind. Therefore I’m extremely happy to join the ranks of Stench. The new material sounds promising and we’ll make a worthy follow-up for Retrospect!" Stench of Death is currently working on their next album. The line-up includes two new members: Hans Hensinck on guitars and Pol Ramaer whom you might know from Conquestador. The name and release date of the album is not known to this date.

Members of 80s German Thrash Metal cult EXUMER began negotiating a full fledged reunion for 2009. The projected reunion includes a new album, re-releases of the band’s two albums from the 1980s and a substantial tour. EXUMER vocalist Mem V. Stein of NYC Thrashers SUN DESCENDS comments: "This reunion won’t be like the one-off show we played at the Wacken Open Air, in 2001. This time we will deliver the entire package and release a new, third EXUMER album. It’s been close to 22 years since the second EXUMER release in 1987 and it seems that the band is still relevant, especially when you consider the new generation of Thrash Metal bands that quote EXUMER as a major influence of theirs. I will keep SUN DESCENDS alive and I’m not abandoning the project but most of 2009 will be dedicated to a new EXUMER album and its promotion. We also have Paul Arakaki (guitars / bass) in the band who replaced me on the second EXUMER album and now lives in Hawaii. I frequently get emails from fans asking for a EXUMER reunion and I feel that the time is right to finally go ahead and make it a reality. We have never played live in North America and I believe that we owe it to the fans here in the States to see the band at least once with full-on live production." EXUMER has not yet decided with which record label to work with for the releases, but plans to enter the studio to record their new cd in late 2008 / early 2009. SUN DESCENDS’ new album titled "The Entropy Formula", will be released on Khaosmaster Productions in April and on Twilight Distribution in Fall 2008.

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