October 26, 2008

Spain’s DEATH OVER THREAT have signed with Xtreem Music for the release of their debut album "Sangre" (Blood). "Sangre" is an album that is supposed to showcase a really aggressive and intense brand of Thrash Metal in the vein of SLAYER and SEPULTURA (in their "Arise" days), spiced with some Bay Area touches. The release date for this album is not settled yet, as it’s still in the design and post-production process, but it’s expected sometime in late ’08 and early ’09. In the meantime you can listen to 4 songs on their official MySpace site www.myspace.com/death6over6threat6

The upcoming 2nd album "Final Step To Future Madness" by Ukrainian brutal Death Metallers MENTAL DEMISE will also be released through Xtreem Music. This new effort not only features new vocalist Andrey "Sadist" Burovenko, it is also said to be faster, more intense and technical, yet still in the ultra-brutal blasting Death Metal vein that characterized their previous recordings with influences from bands like CRYPTOPSY, KRONOS, early ABORTED, DEICIDE and DECAPITATED, spiced with some old styled Florida’s Death Metal. The new album was recorded at famous Polish Hertz Studios (VADER, DECAPITATED, KRONOS, EMETH) and includes 11 new songs plus 3 old tunes featuring the new vocalist. "Final Step To Future Madness" will be released by the end of summer ’08. Advance songs can be checked out at the band’s official website www.myspace.com/psychopenetration

The newest addition to Xtreem Music’s Thrash roster are Barcelona Thrashers KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR. The band, which is formed by two girls and two guys, have just released their debut recording in form of a split CD with MORBID YELL where they perform a really primitive, rotting and infernal old school Thrash / Black with influences from early SODOM, MORBID, early BATHORY, HELLHAMMER, early VOIVOD, DARKTHRONE and BULLDOZER. KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR is currently working on a new and exclusive song and video-clip for Xtreem Music’s upcoming mega compilation as well as writing new songs for their debut full-length album to be recorded by the end of the year for a 2009 release. The four songs from their split CD can be heard on their official website at www.myspace.com/korgulltheexterminator

The recent 6 song debut mini CD "Thrashing Your Brain", by Spanish old school Thrash Metal newcomers AGGRESSION, which was recorded at AXtudios, secured the band a 2 album deal with Xtreem Music. AGGRESSION are now writing new songs for what will be their debut full length album, scheduled for a late 2008 release. For those who aren’t familiar with AGGRESSION, they play a high quality aggressive Thrash influenced by bands like EXODUS, TESTAMENT, ONSLAUGHT, SLAYER, HIRAX and even ANTHRAX from their best works. "Thrashing Your Brain" is available both directly from the band or through Xtreem Music’s mailorder. Three of the songs are available for listening at the band’s own website www.myspace.com/aggressionband

MYSTICAL MUSIC ZINE # 13 is out, for the very first time totally written in English, yet still in the classic MYSTICAL MUSIC early 90s underground layout. On 86 A4 pages you’re about to get 19 in-depth interviews with RESURRECTION, DEICIDE, HAIL OF BULLETS, TREBLINKA Special (6 pages), BLOODBATH, DISFEAR, UNANIMATED, FATALIST, GROTESQUE special (8 pages), DEMIURG, THE ROTTED, MOURNING BELOVETH, DANIEL EKEROTH (Swedish Death Metal book), FACEBREAKER, 21 LUCIFERS, GRAVEYARD and SPEARHEAD as well as a shitload of reviews. The coverartwork was done by Riddickart (ARSIS, KATAKLYSM, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER) and each copy comes with a free CDR sampler, featuring CASKET, FACEBREAKER, PUTERAEON, 21 LUCIFERS, GODLESS, GORCHAROT, HAVOK, SPEARHEAD, NECROID, MR. DEATH, KATAPLEXIA, December FLOWER, DENIAL, MATHYR and many more (21 tracks in total), plus further reviews as an enhanced PDF file. It sells for 5,- Euro / 8 US$ (postage & package included) at hauber@mystical-music.de. Distributors & mailorders are welcome.

"History 1" is the title of a recently released DÉTENTE compilation CD. It features the original 4 song demo that was recorded in 1985, mastered and available for the first time, coupled with the post DÉTENTE band CATALEPSY. CATALEPSY featured the DÉTENTE songwriting duo of Steve Hochheiser and Ross Robinson as well as MACHINE HEAD’s Dave McClain on drums. The track list reads like this: ‘Holy War’, ‘Widow’s Walk’, ‘Shattered Illusions’, ‘Vultures In The Sky’, ‘An Offering’, ‘Obituary Fear’, ‘Evil Within’, ‘Under The Influence’, ‘Who Can You Trust?’ and ‘Law And Disorder’. For all further info go to www.myspace.com/detenterna

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